26 Thoughts About 26 Comics – Constantine To Carter To… Colon?

Another week! Another Wednesday! So what does it bring the comic book lover? Here's a brief look at a dew comics out today…

IMG_0012 A certain someone appears briefly, flashbacking in Constantine. That's all you'll get to see of her.


She makes a larger appearance in Bizarro, where he takes to backwards speaking rather easily, much to Zatanna's distress.


Don't worry he did attempt a carjacking first. It's not a complete assault for just being a jerk. Though I wouldn't put it past Black Canary.


Okay, lets just make that canon now. Rename The Riddler to The Colon. I hear that Section Eight are looking for a final team member…


I does appear that Asgardians have dimensional pockets inside their stomachs when it comes to food, in Agent Carter.


Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake: Card Wars #3 also seems to favour a stomach dimensional bursting snack. This can only lead to one thing…

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 12.03.23 PM

If I ate that much, something like this, from Auteur #4, would happen. Oh look, sausages and… are those brownies? Take a sniff…


Nutmeg #4 kicks off the revival of Veronica Mars you've been waiting for.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 12.06.47 PM Invader Zim goes hipster. Scarf, check. Silly small hat, check. Big glasses, check. Tiny moose, check. Still, there are far worse youth cultures to adopt…

D4VE2 #1

Such as the idiotic youth of D4VE2 #1…


The slicked back mod look of the merpeople in Lumberjanes #18…


And the money-mad haters in Big Trouble In Little China #16. Though it's not just shaming…

Jem #7

In Jem #7, they don't even get that far… there's a lot of frustration to be voiced.

MLP #34

Something rather shared in My Little Pony #34, though that has more understandable water-based reasons. Always good to have some screaming therapy though.

Pirate Princess issue 3 retailer PDF-21And don't forget the rogue role players hanging around street corners throwing dice accompanied by virulent rhetoric, as cruelly exposed in Pirate Princess #3… a twenty!!!


After-battle sex is always the best like of make up sex there is, in Death Vigil #8.


But there's always someone left out, as in Fiction #4

manifestEquivocation for decapitating monsters can only go so far, even when talking to a feathery muppet, in Manifest Destiny.

Star Trek #49

I don't know, Kirk, they may be from the Outer Hebrides. Star Trek #49 there.

String Divers #2

String Divers #2 introduces us to the latest episode of Seinfeld, in black and white.


Challenged in light and dark by the first issue of Awake #1.

TMNT Amazing Adventures #2

TMNT Amazing Adventures #2 engages in some politically complicated acts of defenestration…


UFOlogy #5 isn't quite as loquacious. But at least there's plenty of room for piercing.


The future of Tokyo Ghost gets very literal, with everything for sale in a can – or a syringe.



While Beauty deconstructs the tropes of a secretive office-breaking investigation…



And Shutter… does an Animal Man….


Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. With a Satanic Mojo signing this Saturday…


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