3 Jae Lee Rebirth Covers Are Up For Auction

Sunday night is my night to check out the original art auctions. I have a modest collection, but I'm always thinking of adding another piece here or there. Every once in a while I come across a piece that is going for grossly under what it should… and if I'm not going to buy it myself, then I like to draw attention to them. But here I've found 3 pieces by the same artist that are all going for half or less of what they should.

All three are Rebirth covers by Jae Lee. Back in November, Lee's cover for Dark Knight III #1 went for over $6k. And looking at direct sales, his covers usually go for around $5k. Which puts these three going on over at Comic Link as quite a bargain.

Batman #1 Rebirth cover featuring Batman and the Joker is currently at just over $2,600.

JLBat JLBat2

All-Star Batman #1 Rebirth cover featuring Batman and Two-Face in a Normal Rockwell style dentist scene is sitting at just over $2k.

JLAll JLAll2

And what may be the best value of them all, Harley Quinn #1 Rebirth cover featuring Harley Quinn on roller skates in another Norman Rockwell style scene is only $1,700.

JLHar JLHar2

The auction ends on Tuesday and I'm guessing these prices will go up significantly, otherwise someone is getting a great deal.

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