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Place Your Bid on Two-Face in DC's Showcase #8
This was done with many heroes, but this specific issue of Showcase '93 tried it with one of Gotham's most iconic villains: Two-Face The storyline, titled "Batman: 2 Face Part Two" began in the previous installment and came to its climax in this issue It was written by Doug Moench, penciled/inked/colored by Klaus Janson, and lettered by Ken Bruzenak[...]
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier E04 Review:
Harvey never got that luxury as his world crumbled down and in his grief, manipulated to becoming Two-Face from the Joker (Heath Ledger). Image courtesy of Marvel Studios Let's fast forward to the latest episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in "The World is Watching." Is John brash? Sure, I mean if you're the new[...]
Unpopular Opinion: The Dark Knight Is Not Very Good Anymore
But…the story is laughable, right? Not as bad as the second half of The Dark Knight Rises bad, but that sonar device plotline, the not great Harvey Dent events that lead to him becoming Two-Face, I don't know Dent is especially bad, we needed to believe in Harvey Dent, as the advertising for the film[...]
Square Enix Play Arts Kai Batman Figure Two-Face
Freeze, and Two-Face have all been recreated as Batman mash-up figures that are something quite terrifying and unbelievably amazing First, we will be looking at the bats' most notorious villain, Joker, with his Play Arts Kai figure The design of this character is something almost out of the video game series Bloodborne or Dark Souls[...]
But is there a more effective way? While Batman continues his usual dark and brooding quest in Detective Comics #1021, Two-Face has gathered his cult for a special coin-flip. And as luck would have it, it appears that Two-Face and his gang are about to start doing Batman's job for him. As a result of the flip, the[...]
Harley Quinn, Two Face and More Come to Life With Diamond Gallery
Last but not least we are getting an amazing Two-Face statue that is not only nicely detailed but the color just POPS! Each one of these brings a little extra flavor out of Gotham and would look great in any fans collection. Each DC Comics Statues from Diamond Select Toys is priced at $49.99 and is[...]
Ric is Dick, Batman Has Knightmares, Batgirl Relives Trauma, and Two-Face May Die in DC's Joker War Solicits for June
Two-Face may meet his end in June, and not because he's contracted the coronavirus Well, actually, the solicit doesn't explicitly say he hasn't, so who knows? When will Gotham's supervillains make the reasonable decision to conduct all of their crime from home for the time being?! There's a whole world of cyber-crime out there that[...]
"Batman Forever" Cosbaby Figures Arrive with Hot Toys
The Riddler and Two-Face are up next with new Cosbaby figures with there live action portrayals I love this design of these figures and they aren't really given collectibles often The paint of The Riddler and Two-face are bright and would be a nice stick out piece for any Batman Forever fan Both sets are[...]
Two-Face Tries His Luck With New Mezco Toys One:12 Figure
Mezco Toyz has just announced that the notorious gangster Two-Face is getting his first toy appearance with the company Unlike the previous Two-Face figures, this one features real world scares on his burnt face I already see some fans are split between the look he is given in this figure I am digging his fabric[...]
The Dark Knight Trilogy Gets Miniature with Beast Kingdom
The best place to find where Beast Kingdom will release them is located here. Check all five Batman figures out below: MEA-017 The Dark Knight Trilogy The night is darkest just before the dawn", said Harvey Dent before becoming the infamous Two-Face! Often considered as one of the best superhero film series of all time, The Dark Knight[...]
“Batman”: Aaron Eckhart Says Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix Set Performance Bar
One of his costars is Tommy Lee Jones, who played Two-Face in 1995's Batman Forever Eckhart didn't divulge what he and Jones talked about their shared experience as Two-Face. Upon Reflection Eckhart remains grateful for the time he spent in the Batman franchise. "It's all so funny but I don't think about that stuff too much because as[...]
Joker and Riddler Join the Police Force in Batman #75
And the modus operandi practically screams Two-Face. The image was posted on Twitter with no source listed, and we haven't been able to locate it anywhere else Neither Tom King nor Tony S Daniel responded to the tweet despite being tagged. It looks like joker&riddler are the new cops of gotham.What's going on in gotham??#batman75 by @tomkingtk[...]
Dark Knight Baddie Two-Face Gets an Updated Hot Toys Release
As a convention exclusive this year, Hot Toys have produced a new version of their Harvey Dent/Two-Face 1/6th scale figure from Christopher Nolan's popular Batman film This is an update of a previously released figure, with more detail in the new head sculpt, and comes with a drink, gun, coins, and a I Believe in[...]