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Bane, Penguin, Two-Face, Mr Freeze, Catwoman Also Get A Killing Joke
Not the Joker of course, he already had one twenty-five years ago from Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. But we get Batman One Bad Day: Bane by Josh Williamson and Howard Porter, Batman One Bad Day: Two-Face by Mariko Tamaki, Javier Fernandez, and Jordie Bellaire, One Bad Day: The Penguin by John Ridley, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cam[...]
Batman 89 #5 Review: Wonderful
With a terrifying fidelity to the Tim Burton cinematic vision, this issue elevates the Two-Face we all really deserved to epic heights in Batman '89 #5 The story takes on tragic tones evocative of the Scottish play and miraculously makes the right narrative choice to put the dark knight detective in a supporting role. Batman '89[...]
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Heading into this week, the cast includes Fallon Smythe (Grown-ish), Tyler DiChiara (Relish), Olivia Rose Keegan (High School Musical: The Musical: The Series), Navia Robinson (Raven's Home), Oscar Morgan (Master of the Air), Misha Collins (Supernatural), Anna Lore (All American), and Rahart Adams (Foursome). Image: The CW/DC Comics Now thanks to Creation Entertainment's Supernatural Official Convention last weekend[...]
Golden Age Batman and Two-Face Boxed Set Debuts from Mezco Toyz
Batman is back and is taking on Two-Face once again with this impressive One:12 two figure Boxed Set that is loaded with color, detail, and accessories The World's Greatest Detective dons his Golden Age batsuit once again as Two-Face wears his double-colored purple and orange suit Batman will come with five different head sculpts, 3D[...]
Batman '89 #4 Review: Raises The Stakes & Drops Your Jaw
Finally, seeing the de-evolution of Harvey Dent into the ghost of what Burnside could have been (down to abandoned promises to an underserved community) really gives his Two-Face poignancy. Let's talk about the sequential art provided by Joe Quinones, Leonard Ito, and Clayton Cowles, which delivers on thrilling scenes (from the streets of Burnside to the[...]
Batman #234 (DC, 1971)
Although Batman #234 is often considered the first Silver Age appearance of Two-Face, it's really not that — and that's probably a good thing for this noteworthy DC Comics key.  Most obviously, this 1971 release is not from the Silver Age by any practical definition of the term — it's a quintessential Bronze Age comic[...]
Batman 89 #3 Review: Picture Perfect
This literally picture-perfect continuation of the Michael Keaton-led cinematic experience outshines the Tommy Lee Jones experience and adds so much depth to the mythos of Two-Face. Batman '89 #3 Cover Credit: DC Comics Harvey Dent is a glory-seeking politician walking a fine line between serving the community that made him and chasing his own ambitions When a[...]
Place Your Bid on Two-Face in DC's Showcase #8
This was done with many heroes, but this specific issue of Showcase '93 tried it with one of Gotham's most iconic villains: Two-Face The storyline, titled "Batman: 2 Face Part Two" began in the previous installment and came to its climax in this issue It was written by Doug Moench, penciled/inked/colored by Klaus Janson, and lettered by Ken Bruzenak[...]
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier E04 Review:
Harvey never got that luxury as his world crumbled down and in his grief, manipulated to becoming Two-Face from the Joker (Heath Ledger). Image courtesy of Marvel Studios Let's fast forward to the latest episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in "The World is Watching." Is John brash? Sure, I mean if you're the new[...]
Unpopular Opinion: The Dark Knight Is Not Very Good Anymore
But…the story is laughable, right? Not as bad as the second half of The Dark Knight Rises bad, but that sonar device plotline, the not great Harvey Dent events that lead to him becoming Two-Face, I don't know Dent is especially bad, we needed to believe in Harvey Dent, as the advertising for the film[...]
Square Enix Play Arts Kai Batman Figure Two-Face
Freeze, and Two-Face have all been recreated as Batman mash-up figures that are something quite terrifying and unbelievably amazing First, we will be looking at the bats' most notorious villain, Joker, with his Play Arts Kai figure The design of this character is something almost out of the video game series Bloodborne or Dark Souls[...]
But is there a more effective way? While Batman continues his usual dark and brooding quest in Detective Comics #1021, Two-Face has gathered his cult for a special coin-flip. And as luck would have it, it appears that Two-Face and his gang are about to start doing Batman's job for him. As a result of the flip, the[...]
Harley Quinn, Two Face and More Come to Life With Diamond Gallery
Last but not least we are getting an amazing Two-Face statue that is not only nicely detailed but the color just POPS! Each one of these brings a little extra flavor out of Gotham and would look great in any fans collection. Each DC Comics Statues from Diamond Select Toys is priced at $49.99 and is[...]
Ric is Dick, Batman Has Knightmares, Batgirl Relives Trauma, and Two-Face May Die in DC's Joker War Solicits for June
Two-Face may meet his end in June, and not because he's contracted the coronavirus Well, actually, the solicit doesn't explicitly say he hasn't, so who knows? When will Gotham's supervillains make the reasonable decision to conduct all of their crime from home for the time being?! There's a whole world of cyber-crime out there that[...]