A Deeper Look: Pen & Ink Klaus Includes Tons Of Grant Morrison/Dan Mora Commentary

When I heard about the Pen & Ink edition of Klaus, I was excited. The fact that it's an oversized 11×17 collection of the first two issues is really cool. However, what makes it even better is all of the commentary we get from writer, Grant Morrison, and artist Dan Mora. It's like watching the Director's Cut of a movie, but reading it instead. As a huge fan of the Klaus comic, I found myself eager to read through the comments and was surprised at how much it enhanced the overall experience.

For example, Mora writes about his process when designing Klaus:

"I looked for references from both the big and small screen. Shows such as Game of Thrones proved to be very useful; however, I didn't take things to realistic extremes, and I also wanted to avoid all the classic elements with which we associate him, such as the red suit and the belly."

Pretty interesting, huh? It's also a good thing because we know that Klaus will be making his way to the big screen. Dan Mora was looking ahead and shooting for the stars. Even if you know someone who hasn't read Klaus yet, but enjoys comics in general, this is a cool look into the creative process.  It takes things to a whole new level having the creative teams' voices hanging out with you as you read. It's 40 pages of Klaus glory. Be sure to pick up a copy when it releases tomorrow. Until then, check out a preview below…

Pen&Ink_Klaus_001_Cover Pen&Ink_Klaus_001_PRESS-7 Pen&Ink_Klaus_001_PRESS-8-9 Pen&Ink_Klaus_001_PRESS-10-11