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Detective Comics #1027 Tiny Peek With Rossmo, Reis, Mora and Zdarsky

with art from Riley Rossmo...And from Ivan Reis, Dan Mora and Chip Zdarsky Nice and tiny...Here's the full solicitation: DETECTIVE COMICS #1027 written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS, KELLY SUE DeCONNICK, MATT FRACTION, TOM KING, GRANT MORRISON, GREG RUCKA, SCOTT SNYDER, MARIKO TAMAKI, PETER J TOMASI, JAMES TYNION IV, MARV WOLFMAN, and others art by CHRIS BURNHAM,[...]

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Netflix Speculators Pay $200 for Once & Future #1

But months later, Doctor Kieron Gillen & Dan Mora’s Once & Future #1 debuted, setting a company record for it’s biggest creator-owned launch and joining its prestigious 50K club.[caption id="attachment_1204130" align="alignright" width="350"] Netflix Speculators Pay $200 for Gillen and Mora’s Once & Future #1 Art from Boom Studios.[/caption]Even with full returnability and retailers ordering at[...]

Grant Morrison and Dan Mora Creat Widescreen Comic For Joe Christmas

Grant Morrison and Dan Mora Create Widescreen Comic For Joe Christmas

Grant Morrison and Dan Mora have put together a widescreen Klaus comic book in time for Christmas 2019 with The Life And Times Of Joe Christmas And they are turning the comic book on the side to do - the last time Grant did this was for the New X-Men Annual back in 2001 Eighteen[...]

Boom Studios Make Collections Returnable – Starting With Once & Future

And they brought a couple of friends to talk about Once & Future, Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora.They met an enthusiastic retailer reception, and Kieron Gillen kept thanking the room for their undying support, in what Bleeding Cool contributor Joshua Stone told me was far too quick an English accent to transcribe But apparently, Gillen[...]

Industry Shocker: BOOM! to Sell Once & Future Comics to Readers

Industry Shocker: BOOM! to Sell Once & Future Comics to Readers

But in a shocking move Tuesday, explosive publisher BOOM! Studios announced a novel plan that could turn the entire industry on its head: what if we tried to sell comics to readers?Partnering with retailer point-of-sale system ComicHub, BOOM! will target actual readers in an attempt to convince them to buy copies of Kieron Gillen and[...]

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The Beginning of the End for Adventure Time: Boom! Studios May 2018 Solicits

Details below. CODA #1Publisher: BOOM! Studios Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: Simon Spurrier Artist: Matías Bergara Wraparound Main Cover A: Matías Bergara Intermix Cover B: Jae Lee Incentive Cover C: Jeff Stokely Simon Spurrier ( The Spire, Godshaper ) and Matías Bergara ( Cannibal, Supergirl ) present a broken fantasy world that’s perfect for fans of[...]

X-Men: Bland Design – The Generic Origin of Lydia Nance Revealed in X-Men Gold #22

We might as well get it over with and recap X-Men Gold...X-Men Gold #22 Writer: Marc Guggenheim Penciler: Diego Bernard Inker: JP Mayer Colorists: Arif Prianto and Java Tartaglia Letterer: Cory Petit Cover: Dan Mora and Juan FernandezIt's time for the most boring of all the X-Books, X-Men Gold We've discussed at length why this book is so bad[...]

Grant Morrison's Klaus Returns Again For Klaus And The Crisis In Xmasville

Grant Morrison and Dan Mora are bringing the Christmas cheer with a new Klaus one-shot at BOOM! Studios in December.Klaus and the Crisis in Xmasville will see Morrison and Mora reunite for a new Klaus special The news was revealed when an astral projection of Morrison's head, glowing with an eerie green light, appeared out[...]

You Better Go Go Read The New Power Rangers Comic

As the panel began, Walter Jones, the original Black Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers suddenly appeared, jumping on stage and receiving tremendous applause; it was the highlight of the whole affair.There were a fair number of people on the panel, but chief among them, aside from Walter Jones, were Kyle Higgins, artist Dan Mora,[...]

Can There Be Any Doubt That Magneto Is Joining Hydra Now?

A while back, a Villains Variant cover for Secret Empire, by Dan Mora, was revealed which many took to suggest that Magneto was joining Hydra in their fascist takeover of America, led by none other than Steve Rogers, Captain America himself.Many were shocked and even livid Hydra, as much as Marvel would like me to[...]

A Deeper Look: Pen & Ink Klaus Includes Tons Of Grant Morrison/Dan Mora Commentary

However, what makes it even better is all of the commentary we get from writer, Grant Morrison, and artist Dan Mora. It's like watching the Director's Cut of a movie, but reading it instead As a huge fan of the Klaus comic, I found myself eager to read through the comments and was surprised at how much it enhanced the[...]

The Yuletime War Is Upon Us! Advance Review Klaus #6

This week brings us Klaus #6 (of 7), written by Grant Morrison, with art by Dan Mora If you thought Klaus was an intense read before, things rise to a whole new level in this issue Lord Magnus has officially gone off the deep end, and Klaus is in for the fight of his life Something is lurking in the kingdom, an asset[...]

"Only One Man Has To Work At Yuletime And That's Me" Advance Review Klaus #5

This great news comes just in time for the release of a new issue of the action-packed series. Written by Grant Morrison, with art by Dan Mora, Klaus continues this week with their fifth issue With the series only set to consist of seven issues, I was expecting things to continue in an intense fashion[...]

"Victory Of The People" Three Reasons Why You Should Read Klaus #4

Written by Grant Morrison, with art by Dan Mora, I can guarantee that you’ll be surprised by what you’ll find in this issue If you haven’t had a chance to read an issue yet, here’s three reasons why you should…One: A classic core with a unique script Like I mentioned earlier, this story is much[...]

Beware of the Ghost-Wolf! Klaus #3 Review

This week brought the release of the third issue written by Grant Morrison, with art by Dan Mora, and everyone is on the look out for "the ghost-wolf." In the last issue our main character is successful at delivering toys around town despite the higher-ups wishes Now the evil Magnus has had enough.I am actually[...]

Klaus Makes A Special Delivery: Advance Review Of Issue #2

From BOOM! Studios, written by Grant Morrison with art by Dan Mora, Klaus reimagines one of the biggest cultural myths in history, and does it in a way that will keep you turning those beautifully illustrated pages.I was blown away by the unique spin on the classic Santa Claus tale when I first picked it[...]