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A WildStorm Is Rising

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Particulars: The WildStorm Oral History Project. Creators involved- As many that want to be! Close/Publishing date- Open ended. At least a six month interview window based on participants' availability then editing into oral history format

By Joseph Hedges

If I asked you to name the comics universe that creators the likes of Brian Azzarello, Lee Bermejo, Ed Brubaker, J. Scott Campbell, Chris Claremont, Travis Charest, Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch, Mark Millar, Jim Lee, Alan Moore, Frank Quitely, James Robinson, Darick Robertson, Gail Simone and Tim Sale all contributed to, how many would honestly think of WildStorm first? Unfortunately, not many.

The 19 year story of WildStorm began with a meteoric rise that saw cartoons, toys and a video game for its flagship WildC.A.T.S. title within their first three years, and the creation of a highly successful cohesive universe of connected superhero books.

Let me say that again- a highly successful cohesive universe of connected superhero books.

From. Scratch.

Not many companies have been able to crack that egg since the old days, yeah?

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This would be the same company that MARVEL COMICS would outsource their most well known properties to with the Heroes Reborn event. This would be the same company that DC Comics would later purchase and at that same time, four key employees would leave to create a services company called IDW Publishing. Unfortunately this would also be the same company that once the rest of comicdom started catching up to their ahead-of-the-curve storytelling, struggled to keep its singular identity and after some unsuccessful relaunches, was quietly shuttered by DC Entertainment in 2010.

But it's all that fascinating stuff inbetween that deserves to be told in a dedicated format and narrative and that's how this project was birthed. My goal is to interview anyone and everyone that was associated with WildStorm from its old Homage Studio days to its design work for DC Interactive. Follow the stories of artists found in literal talent searches that would go on to create Danger Girl and be relaunching Wally West in the New 52verse. Follow the stories of letter column kids that would be promoted to editors and writers, Colorists that would rise to art directors and editors and of course a hot shot artist that would go on to become co-publisher of DC Comics.

So here's where I need your help Bleeders. After research, research and more research, I started contacting creators, editors and staffers this week for interview requests. While some are around on social networks, there are plenty from the old days that are tougher to track down or current stars that are just plain hard to penetrate via a blind Tweet or Facebook message. So share this around. If you're a WS alumni and you see this article, follow the links to contact me and forward it to anyone that you think would want to contribute. I'm here to tell YOUR story.

In just a few days, I have 10 committed participants- 1x Editor-in-chief, 1x Senior Editor, 4x Writers and 4x Artists and If this article helps me get 15 more committed participants by Midnight, Wednesday June 4th, I will personally donate $100 to The Hero Initiative.

All the interviews will be compiled and edited into a long form oral history format and will help preserve the story of this remarkable studio.

Joseph Hedges –

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