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Alterna Comics Looking For Newsstand Distribution For Their Newsprint Comics

Bleeding Cool has told you about Alterna Comics and their quest to print comics on newsprint and sell them for less than two dollars, just like comics were "back in the day." We followed up with reports that Alterna was offering affordable advertising in these books, potentially opening the door for classic style comic book advertising. Now, Alterna is even trying to get comics into supermarkets and convenience stores, another hallmark of a bygone era of comics.

Publisher Peter Simeti says the company is making progress, slowly:

The first four books in Alterna's newsprint line were revealed last month, and will launch on May 3. More will launch in the following months.

Adam Wreck by Michael S. Bracco, Amazing Age by Matthew David Smith, Jeremy Massie, and Christine Brunson, Croak by Cody Andrew Sousa, Francesco Iaquinta, Chris O'Halloran, and Dezi Sienti, and Lilith Dark by Charles C. Dowd.






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