Amazing Spider-Man #299 Signed By Stan Lee On Auction Today

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Amazing Spider-Man #299, in my eyes, is the first appearance of Venom, and no, I am not interested in why you think I am wrong. He is on the last page, named, and even talks. How that is not considered a character's first appearance is beyond me, but whatever. This one is much cooler anyway, and on auction at ComicConnect right now is a CGC graded 9.4 copy of this book. The big twist? This copy is signed by Stan Lee himself. That is not something you see every day. Sitting at $310 as of this writing, expect to pay a pretty penny for it. Check it out below.

Amazing Spider-Man #299 Signed By Stan Lee On Auction Today
Amazing Spider-Man #299 Signed. Credit ComicConnect

Amazing Spider-Man Keys Signed By Lee Are A Smart Investment

"Spider-Man must rescue Chance from the merciless white-collar survivalists known as the Life Foundation! And that's just the beginning! Revealed at last — the astonishing identity of the super-villain who can slip past Spidey's spider-sense! The second you see him, you'll know why! Mary Jane returns to their apartment. Seeing what appears to be her husband's costume in the darkness, she believes her husband is home. However, she is shocked when his mask suddenly smiles, revealing a mouth full of teeth. Turning on the light, Mary Jane is horrified to see that this man is not her husband, but a massive grinning brute wearing something that looks just like Spider-Man's costume."

Later Amazing Spider-Man keyes signed by Stan lee are not as common as most of you may think, so this may be your only shot at this book signed by him, let alone so nice and graded to boot. Go here to check out more details and place a bid. While you are there, go ahead and peruse the other books taking bids today, there are quite a few you might be interested in.


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