Amazon GlitchWatch: DC One Million Omnibus At $25?

DC Comics published the DC One Million Omnibus back in 2013, over a thousand pages long for a hundred bucks, containing all the Grant Morrison One Million crossover issues, set in the 853rd century when Justice League America would have published its millionth issue. Long out of print, the Omnibus collection regularly sells from around $200 up to around $400.

Amazon GlitchWatch: DC One Million Omnibus At $25?

Now we get the word that DC Comics is about to put it back into print, with this Amazon listing. A new 2022 edition of the DC One Million Omnibus in hardcover. Except, they have listed it as being 42 pages long which is rather unlikely. But might be the reason why it is listed at $25. It is very likely this listing will be amended, in scope and in price at some point. But will Amazon have to honour any pre-orders made now, by readers or retailers alike? It is very possible, they have in the past. So, feel free, like me, to make an order on Amazon US, Amazon Canada – not on Amazon UK yet, though they have copies of the original at a more reasonable price. You can always cancel it at a later date – you have until May next year after all. Here's what the original omnibus contained:

DC One Million 1-4, Action Comics 1,000,000, Adventures Of Superman 1,000,000, Aquaman 1,000,000, Azrael 1,000,000, Batman 1,000,000, Batman: Shadow Of The Bat 1,000,000, Catwoman 1,000,000, Chase 1,000,000, Chronos 1,000,000, Creeper 1,000,000, Detective Comics 1,000,000, Flash 1,000,000, Green Arrow 1,000,000, Green Lantern 1,000,000, Hitman 1,000,000, Impulse 1,000,000, JLA 1,000,000, Legion Of Super-Heroes 1,000,000, Legionnaires 1,000,000, Lobo 1,000,000, Martian Manhunter 1,000,000, Nightwing 1,000,000, Power Of Shazam 1,000,000, Resurrection Man 1,000,000, Robin 1,000,000, Starman 1,000,000, Superboy 1,000,000, Supergirl 1,000,000, Superman 1,000,000, Superman: The Man Of Steel 1,000,000, Superman: The Man Of Tomorrow 1,000,000, Wonder Woman 1,000,000, Young Justice 1,000,000, JLA In Crisis Secret Files, DC One Million 80-page Giant #1, Booster Gold 1,000,000, Superman/Batman 79-80

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