An Uncensored Look At The Fix By Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber From Image Comics In April

The Fix is the new comic from Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber, the team behind the much-admired Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, to be published by Image Comics in April. You may have seen it on the cover of this month's Diamond Previews.

What you may not have seen is an uncensored preview of that comic in Previews, because it has some naughty words in it.

Words we were able to return to the page.

Just as their big hit for Marvel often featured the mundane complexity of being a bad guy, so is The Fix. Just because these guys point guns at old people, doesn't mean they want them to, you know, choke  or anything…

The-Fix_01_02 copyThe-Fix_01_03 copyThe-Fix_01_04 copyThe-Fix_01_05 copy

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