Is Everyone an Anti-Vaxxer in the Age X-Man? Next Week's Amazing Nightcrawler #1 (Preview)

The Age of X-Man is supposed to be a utopia created by Nate Grey, a world where everyone is a mutant, and therefore nobody hates and fears mutants. It's supposed to be a world free of the fighting and misery that plagues humanity. But apparently in this utopian alternate reality, everyone is a goddamn anti-vaxxer.

If not, then why would The Amazing Nightcrawler be so concerned about a virus making its way to the general public? Has no one been vaccinated for measles in the Age of X-Man?

It seems that utopia is not all it's cracked up to be. Sure, mutants are immune to AIDS (thanks Chuck Austen) but that doesn't mean they're immune to everything. Vaccinate your children, mutant hatcheries!

The Amazing Nightcrawler #1 hits stores next Wednesday.

Age of X-Man: The Amazing Nightcrawler #1
(W) Sean McGuire (A) Juan Frigeri (CA) Shane Davis, Michelle Delecki, Federico Blee
• From the Munich circus to Hollywood Boulevard, Nightcrawler is starring in his own solo series!
• Kurt Wagner is the biggest celebrity slash super hero since Dwayne Johnson!
• Juggling Kurt's responsibilities as one of the X-Men and a slate of summer blockbusters would be tough without the best support staff in the business: Stunt coordinator Magma! Personal trainer Kylun! And of course, his leading lady Meggan!
• But there's something rotten in Tinseltown…
Rated T+
In Shops: Feb 20, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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