Are We Seeing The Return Of Daimon Hellstrom To Marvel In A Big Way? To Netflix Even?


Daimon Hellstrom, first appeared in Ghost Rider in the late seventies before spinning off into his own strip in Marvel Spotlight and then his own title, Son Of Satan. And yes he was literally the son of Satan. It seems such an anomaly of the time for someone like Marvel Comics to publish such a comic. He knocked around the Defenders for a little while in the early eighties before disappearing, only to be revived in his own book in the nineties, Hellstorm: Prince Of Lies which more more than a coincidental resemblance to DC/Vertigo's Hellblazer. It then became Warren Ellis' first acclaimed calling card to the USA, edited by Marie Javins, and launching the Essex boys career in mainstream comic books.

b222091ea2757b377c11673781550e8bThat cover by Steve Pugh was faxed to Pugh by DC Comics editorial with the word "Slut" scrawled over it, for deigning to do a Marvel cover. True story.

The character has knocked around the Marvel Universe since, getting a MAX series nine years ago, and last appearing as a minor character in Avengers Undercover as a member of the Shadow Council's incarnation of the Masters of Evil, where he is part of the inner circle of Baron Helmut Zemo.

Well, just as Baron Zemo is having a revival as part of the new Thunderbolts, are we getting a similar role for Daimon Hellstrom? Firstly there's a side mention in these increasingly-likely spoilers for Civil War II #1, he's been mentioned a number of times in Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat, then there's this Amazon listing collecting his original Son Of Satan stories and in today's Squadron Supreme, visiting Weirdworld… a memory.


…he suddenly seems to be getting mentioned a bit more. And looks like someone will want revenge. Is it time for another revival?

Say, maybe, the Patsy mention is relevant. As Patsy Walker's ex boyfriend in the comics, could he be turning up in Jessica Jones season 2? And that's why there's suddenly all this fuss?

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