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Bravest Warriors Gets an Art Book at Dark Horse in August

If you find that you're good at something, it's a good idea to do more of it. Dark Horse has had a lot of success releasing art books for licensed properties, so they do lots of art books. It's kind of like how Marvel is good at super-mega-crossover events, so they have one every 2-4 months. Stick to what you know. It's a common sense strategy.

The latest intellectual property to be immortalized in glorious hardcover by Dark Horse is hit animated series Bravest Warriors. The Art of Bravest Warriors will weigh in at 200 pages, retail for $39.99, and feature storyboards, scripts, and artwork from the show. The release date is August 27th, 2019, and more details can be found in the press release below.

Dark Horse Books, Frederator Studios, and Nelvana Ltd. are proud to present The Art of Bravest Warriors! This exploration of the hit animated series Bravest Warriors features hundreds of marvelous art pieces in one impeccable volume that can't be missed!
Reminisce on the team's greatest adventures from the animated series, the Bravest Warriors! In The Art of Bravest Warriors warp through informative chapters on the main characters, beloved settings, and your favorite alien encounters.
This exclusive collection of gorgeous art from the creative mind of Bravest Warriors creator Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time), developers Breehn Burns (Dr. Tran, Invader ZIM), Will McRobb (The Adventures of Pete & Pete, The Ren & Stimpy Show), Chris Viscardi (The Adventures of Pete & Pete), and a host of talented artists, such as character designer Phil Rynda (Adventure Time, Gravity Falls) and background designer Steven Sugar (Steven Universe). The Art of Bravest Warriors includes storyboards and scripts from early stages of the show's production as well as comics and fan art for the most impassioned fans of the series. Enjoy the most comprehensive collection of illustrations and dive into the development and production materials of the Bravest Warriors!

The 200-page hardcover, The Art of Bravest Warriors, arrives August 27, 2019 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your local comic shop for $39.99.

Bravest Warriors Gets an Art Book at Dark Horse in August

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