AVerMedia Launches The Live Streamer CAM 513

AVerMedia has launched a brand new streaming webcam this past week for content creators with the Live Streamer CAM 513. This camera is a 4K UHD video-capable unite that comes with an integrated wide-angle lens, privacy shutter, dual stereo microphones, and a 360-degree swivel design. This was basically developed for livestreamers on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming. It comes equipped with CamEngine, which is AVerMedia's software that gives you access to all the controls for video and image settings. It will enable you to unlock the camera's capabilities and give you full use of the 4K sensor. It's plug and play design so it works out best on OBS, Streamlabs OBS, XSplit, and other broadcasting software. You can read more about it below as the going price for it is $250.

A look at the Live Streamer CAM 513, courtesy of AVerMedia.
A look at the Live Streamer CAM 513, courtesy of AVerMedia.

To take full advantage of both the 4K Sony sensor and wide-angle lens, AVerMedia has added brand new features to CamEngine, specifically for use with the CAM 513. Aside from adjusting image settings, using fun stickers, and adding filters, AVerMedia has also developed new ePTZ and AI motion tracking features. Both these features are designed for those looking to achieve more professional, engaging content for their audience. Zooming in on the subject whilst filming can cause problems and affect the quality of the video produced, from being too grainy to out of focus. The ePTZ feature enables creators to determine presets for different digital zoom portions from the 4K sensor. They can also swap between them to elevate the production value of their streams, whilst maintaining excellent video quality, even while zooming in. The AI motion tracking feature will unlock the auto-framing function, tracking the subject's face and movements to keep them perfectly in frame. There's no need to stay rooted in one place or continually adjust the camera position to ensure the frame is still central.

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