AVX Versus, "The Least Essential Read Of AvX"

It has been said that some superhero comics offer nothing but fight scenes.

It's not meant to be a good thing.

Today, Marvel have announced a new comic, AVX: Versus, which will, according to Tom Brevoort through CBR, "expand the battles seen in the main pages of AvX".

And that's it. Two "stories" an issue, twelve issues, twice a month, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight!

AvX: Versus is the least essential read of AvX, but it will probably be the most bestselling. It is literally the fight book. – Tom Brevoort.

There has been criticism of certain X-Men and Avengers comics of late, that they do nothing but sit around a table talking. Something tells me that won't be a criticism of this comic…

The teams for issue #1 is Jason Aaron/Adam Kubert on Magneto Vs Iron Man and Kathryn Immonen/Stuart Immonen on Thing Vs Namor.

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