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Bad Idea Lied – Hero Trade by David Lapham Now Back Up Strip To Eniac

Bad Idea time… BRZRKR #1 by Matt Kindt, Keanu Reeves and Ron Garney is published by Boom Studios and will most likely significantly outsell Matt Kindt's other comic book out today, Eniac #1 from Bad Idea Comics. But I get the feeling that the only people in lines when stores open will be for Eniac.

Eniac #1 is the official launch issue for new comic book publisher Bad Idea, formed by the folk pushed out of Valiant Entertainment when DMG bought it lock, stock. Although it's not the first actual publication – that would be the Hero Trade ashcan, surreptitiously distributed to comic book stores, and selling for four figures. And then there's the Eniac ashcans, printed off by a retailer or two, that some have been doing a brisk trade with as well. And, on the eve of Eniac #1s launch, some more news. Bad Ides released the following news, that The Hero Trade by Matt Kindt and David Lapham would be the "B-side" back up strip after all, and that Bad Idea has been lying to everyone, because… well… reasons.

In the ultimate act of wanton disregard for conventional comic-book business practices, we've been lying to you for months.

SAVE NOW — the incredible B-side story by Matt Kindt and Tomas Giorello that explores radical new territory for comic book superheroes — was never going to be in ENIAC #1 (don't worry we will publish it eventually).

No, never. Why do you think we already previewed the entire story (which by the way you can read again below)?

In its place, we proudly present a BRAND NEW story from the world of THE HERO TRADE!

Yes, the smash hit sensation that rocked 2020 to its absolute core is back with a vengeance. Prepare yourselves for HERO TRADE: A BRIEF CASE by Matt Kindt and David Lapham.


In fact, each issue of ENIAC will feature a HERO TRADE tale with the fabled 2020 original story making its much anticipated official BAD IDEA debut as the BAD IDEA B-side in ENIAC #3.

So buckle up and stay tuned for:


Unless of course we're lying now.

We promise we're not lying.

Unless of course that's a lie, too.

What we can tell you honestly, is that we're not going to tell you what A BRIEF CASE is about. Or any of them for that matter (especially not FABULOUS). We're keeping the story details under wraps so you'll just have to go to one of the select BAD IDEA Destination Stores and pick up a copy of ENIAC to find out what happens.

You might be asking yourself, "What else has BAD IDEA been lying about?" They announced and previewed an entire story as a smoke screen for their real plans. What kind of company would do such a thing? Could they go further? They wouldn't dare create completely fake story pages for marketing would they…

See you tomorrow on BAD IDEA DAY!

So, will anyone be camping out to get the Eniac #1 pin? Here's a preview of The Hero Trade: Briefcase:


And a preview of Save Now… whenever that will return.


EniacEniacEniacEniac Eniac Eniac EniacIn other Bad Idea news, they talked about the back-up strip of B-side for their next series, Whalesville.

BAD IDEA is pleased to announce that the rumors are true: its upcoming comic book spectacular, WHALESVILLE, has entered into a definitive merger agreement with the until-this-very-minute- top-secret, ROCKS AND MINERALS.

How could such an incredible consolidation of stories happen? Through various types of financial transactions, of course. Tender offers, management purchases, asset trusts, charitable foundations, accounts payable, balance sheet, profit margin…it's all a bit technical.

You've never seen a Bad Idea like this one!

Introducing WHALESVILLE x ROCKS AND MINERALS — a brand-new, perfect-bound format with a massive new story added to the already enormous WHALESVILLE — two sets of amazing creators telling two incredible stories smashed together to create one epic 72-page, ad-free tome!

So here's a preview of that as well.


Bad Idea Lied - Hero Trade by David Lapham, Now Back Up Strip To Eniac

Bad Idea Lied - Hero Trade by David Lapham, Now Back Up Strip To EniacEniacEniac

Bad Idea Lied - Hero Trade by David Lapham, Now Back Up Strip To Eniac Bad Idea Lied - Hero Trade by David Lapham, Now Back Up Strip To Eniac

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