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Why Bad Idea Dropped Another Comic Book Store
Either it was the retailer themselves selling Eniac or Whalesville above cover price in the month after first publication, or it was selling more than one copy to another person for them to sell at high cover prices And maybe split the difference. Oh and then messing about with the first-copy-pins, but that's not covered in[...]
Batman #108 - Welcome To Gotham Two Where The Rich Aren't Even People
Immortal Hulk is ramping up towards its conclusion but it will be the entry of ENIAC and Whalesville from Bad Idea Comics that may surprise most… Batman #108 Heroes Reborn #1 Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #2 Amazing Spider-Man #65 Star Wars War of the Bounty Hunters Alpha #1 Immortal Hulk #46 Carnage Black, White & Blood #3 ENIAC #1 Whalesville #1 Hellions #11 Thanks to the following Bleeding[...]
Bad Idea
On Wednesday, Bad Idea Comics were promoting their comic book launch Eniac #1 in all manner of fashions The first official publication from the new comic book publisher set up by the people pushed out from Valiant entertainment when DMG bought it up With all manner of ways to differentiate themselves in the market –[...]
Bad Idea time… BRZRKR #1 by Matt Kindt, Keanu Reeves and Ron Garney is published by Boom Studios and will most likely significantly outsell Matt Kindt's other comic book out today, Eniac #1 from Bad Idea Comics But I get the feeling that the only people in lines when stores open will be for Eniac. Eniac[...]
Bad Idea To Reward The First ENIAC #1 Customer At Every Store
So what will this new comic publisher do to stand out in the 200-off comic book stores stocking the comic book? Eniac #1 is a 48 page comic for $3.99, one cover, one-per-customer and written by BRZRKR co-writer Matt Kindt, and drawn by Doug Braithwaite and Diego Rodriguez – and now with a reward for being the[...]
236 Stores With Bad Idea Comics
The latest missive went out to retailers; Retailers Only Getting Half Of The Bad Idea ENIAC #1 They Ordered We want to thank you for your patience these last few days, especially to those of you who reached out to try and help solve this issue by offering to lower your orders Unfortunately, the gulf has proved[...]
Bad Idea Comics To Launch Not-First-Printing Variants
And now, when our First Printings are all gone, you can take comfort knowing that you'll still be able to get ahold of a NOT FIRST PRINTING to read without having to pay variant prices. Interested in finding out more about BAD IDEA and our insanely rational plans to take over comics one shop at time?[...]
Bad Idea Comics Tells Retailers They Harev Ordered Too Many Copies
And now telling their retailer list that each and every one of them have over-ordered the first issue of ENIAC #1, with the following letter. WE LOVE YOU BUT YOU'VE OVER-ORDERED ENIAC #1 Bad Idea Destination Stores, This is a bit weird and we totally get that we're supposed to be short-sighted publishing execs who are obsessed with announcing big[...]
236 Stores With Bad Idea Comics
Bad Idea Comics has been bumping up their distribution network of comic book stores ahead of their launch of ENIAC #1 by Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite in March with a mission to do things differently The people who brought you The Second Life Of Valiant Entertainment Their own distribution Monthly comic books, sold exclusively[...]
Auto Draft
Eniac #1 is the for-real launch comic book from Bad Idea, by Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite, the first of a series of comics launching from Bad Idea in 2020. We have a preview and further details of some of the other books Because we can't just post articles about Batman #100 today Though it would[...]
Bad Idea Launches 5 Comics For 2021 To Follow The Hero Trade
Bleeding Cool understands that Bad Idea comic  The Hero Trade by Matt Kindt and David Lapham, currently closing in on $800 on eBay and limited to around 250 copies, will appear in the back of Eniac #3, the new series from Matt Kindt and Doug Briathwaite from Bad Idea Comics We knew that title was[...]