Bane Did Break Batman's Back – Official

It was mentioned in the solicitations. But now it's appeared officially on panel, honest. With all the various discussions over which stories "happened" in the new 52, we now have positive on panel proof that, yes, Batman did get his back broken in the Knightfall story, by Bane.

Bane Did Break Batman's Back – Official

Yes, this is news. Shush.

And in Batman: The Dark Knight, out today, he may have the opportunity to do so again. Possibly in an upcoming film.

It's odd how characters become known for one thing. Bane breaks backs, Dr Light rapes, Darkseid sits around in a armchairs drinking brandy, it's almost as if they are… two dimensional.

Bane Did Break Batman's Back – Official

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London.


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