Death of Superman, Knightfall Kick Off DC Tales from the Dark Multiverse Line

DC Twists Knightfall, Death of Superman for New Tales from the Dark Multiverse Line

And they're kicking the line off with Batman: Knightfall (by Scott Snyder, Kyle Higgins, Javier Fernandez, and Lee Weeks) and The Death of Superman (by Jeff Loveness, Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, and Weeks again), both of which, of course, will be number one issues Make yours DC, true believers! TALES FROM THE DARK MULTIVERSE: BATMAN: KNIGHTFALL[...]

'Knightfall' – Mark Hamill on Possibility of 'Star Wars' Fatigue: "Yeah, I Think There Is"

He spoke to The Hollywood Reporter for their “Awards Chatter Podcast” about the abundance of Star Wars content available across TV and film, Solo underachieving at the box office, and his HISTORY series, Knightfall.[caption id="attachment_976152" align="alignnone" width="2000"] Mark Hamill at the 44th Annual Saturn Awards / Photo by Mary Anne Butler[/caption]When asked if audiences grow[...]

Knightfall S2

'Knightfall' Season 2: More Mark Hamill As Talus, Former Templar Knight

When HISTORY first announced that Mark Hamill was joining the cast of season 2 of Knightfall, we were of course intrigued Who could he be playing in such a series? Would he have a sword?[caption id="attachment_1011419" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Mark Hamill as Talus in "Knightfall"Photo courtesy of HISTORY[/caption]Hamill's character Talus happens to be a former Templar[...]

Mark Hamill Appearing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Tonight, What WILL He Talk About?

Galactic treasure Mark Hamill will be stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, and we've got a pretty good idea of what he'll be talking about during the visit.[caption id="attachment_976151" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Mark Hamill at the 44th Annual Saturn AwardsPhoto by Mary Anne Butler[/caption]Mostly because Hamill posted about it: former Jedi Knight will be joining HISTORY’s Knightfall[...]

Knightfall: Mark Hamill and Tom Cullen Star in Season 2 I History

From Jedi Knight to Templar: First Teaser of Mark Hamill in 'Knightfall' Season 2

Last year, we learned that Former Jedi Knight Mark Hamill would be joining HISTORY's Knightfall series as a veteran Templar Knight alongside series star Tom Cullen.There was that great first image of Hamill as character Talus:HISTORY just released a teaser that will air tonight during Vikings, and it gives us a bit more of what we can expect in[...]

Knightfall Releases First Image of Mark Hamill from Season 2

Remember when we let you know that galactic treasure Mark Hamill was joining the cast of HISTORY's crusade drama series Knightfall?Today, HISTORY released a first look image of series star Tom Cullen alongside a very Anthony Hopkins-lookin' Hamill in complete makeup and costume:So that's Hamill as Talus, a battle-hardened Knight Templar veteran of the Crusades, who survived captivity for[...]

HISTORY's 'Knightfall' Gets Renewed, Mark Hamill Joins Cast

HISTORY is renewing its Templar-based drama series Knightfall for a second season, surprising some viewers but delighting fans This renewal doesn't come so much as a shock, but more a "what took you so long" type of thing.There is also the reveal that a certain Jedi Knight will be joining the cast in season 2 --[...]

chuck dixon batman

Chuck Dixon's Batman Knightfall Recut Continues for 25th Anniversary

We mentioned how DC Comics were putting Chuck Dixon's Batman run on Knightfall back into print, recut and released, and here's where it concludes. Batman: KnightsendDecember 4, 2018 PaperbackBruce Wayne returns to Gotham City only to find that his replacement, Jean-Paul Valley, has become increasingly violent and reckless Now he must confront and defeat Jean-Paul in order[...]

Happy : things to watch on tv

5 Things to Watch on TV Today – December 27th, 2017

has the freshman series Knightfall.. which I was surprised to learn has nothing to do with Bane breaking Batman's back and everything to do with the Knight's Templar The fourth episode has Landry revisiting his past as Gawain investigates a murder and Princess Isabella is double-crossed The series stars Tom Cullen, Pádraic Delaney, and Simon Merrells.And[...]

Tom Cullen knightfall

'Knightfall' Star Tom Cullen Talks Crusaders and History

What once started with Vikings continues with Seal Team Six and the newest series, Knightfall The first episode of the series centers around the fall of the Templar's last stronghold city in the Holy Land Acre, where the Holy Grail is lost during an attack and subsequent retreat. were lucky enough to be included in a phone interview session[...]

Ivar the Boneless Battles Heahmund in New Vikings Clip

At the end of s5e2, we saw Ivar stand with the help of iron leg braces and crutches.  This will of course have an impact on how he fights now, upright on three legs (the crutch) rather than from the propped up chariot position.[caption id="attachment_756226" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Bishop Heahmund (Jonathan Rhys Meyers)Photo by Jonathan HessionCopyright[...]

Orbiting Pod Special – The 75th Anniversary Of Batman!

By Chris Thompson[audio:] The Orbiting Pod, the podcast of Orbital Comics in London, is back on Bleeding Cool! This week they have a very special 75th Anniversary of Batman episode for us.They say:Welcome to a very special episode of The Orbiting Pod!To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman’s first appearance in the pages of Detective Comics[...]

Bane Did Break Batman's Back – Official

With all the various discussions over which stories "happened" in the new 52, we now have positive on panel proof that, yes, Batman did get his back broken in the Knightfall story, by Bane.Yes, this is news Shush.And in Batman: The Dark Knight, out today, he may have the opportunity to do so again[...]

HARDLY A SPOILER: What Bane Does To Batman In The Dark Knight Rises

"Rumour: Joker to smile in new Dark Knight movie."We did ask, specifically if the film was going to be derived from the Knightfall comics but, as it was pointed out, there's already a prologue and trailer full of material that doesn't originate in those strips, so this isn't an adaptation at all Seems like Nolan[...]