Batman and Kite Man Walk Into a Bar in Tom King's Final Batman #85

At New York Comic Con, Tom King told Den Of Geek about his then-planned ending to Batman, "I think I still might do a scene. I really want to do a scene with Batman and Kite Man in a bar, just drinking beers. At Porky's bar, of course. I had a big debate, should it be in Porky's or Batburger? I was like, 'They'll have some beers.'" Batman first met Chuck Brown, Kite Man, in a bar, back in Batman #27.

Batman and Kite Man Walk Into a Bar in Tom King's Final Batman #85

In the new issue, Batman #84, we saw that the Thomas Wayne Batman killed Kite Man in his reality. As well as Bane, but we mostly cared about Kite Man.


But with one issue left to go, would Tom King go with his gut, or would he save the Kite Man coda for Batman/Catwoman. It seems not. He released the following page of artwork by Mikel Janin from Batman #85. Batman and Kite Man in Porky's, the bar he created for the Batman/Elmer Fudd crossover, which he also integrated into the continuity of his run… or rather Bruce Wayne and Chuck Brown…

Batman and Kite Man Walk Into a Bar in Tom King's Final Batman #85

You'll miss him when he's gone. Batman #85 is out on December 18th along with everything else.

(W) Tom King (A) Mikel Janin (CA) Tony S. Daniel
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