The Battle Over Whether Batman Is A Meta-Human Gets Increasingly Meta

On Wednesday, in Suicide Squad #22, writer Rob Williams had Task Force X leader Amanda Waller define Batman, alongside Killer Frost, as a meta-human. In DC Comics terminology, meta-humans is used to describe a superpowered human whatever the source of their powers. But Batman is just meant to be a man at the height of physical and mental training, the world's greatest detective, with a vast wealth to develop all sorts of gadgets, vehicles and computers to aid him in that endeavour.

There has, however, been the suspicion that there might be something else to that. The way he disappears on the rooftop when Gordon turns his back for a second. His ability, it seems, to recover from all manner of combat injuries. The way he can swing from ropes without dislocating his joints.

Recently, in the Dark Days books, Scott Snyder had defined much of the meta-designation in the DC Universe as coming from dionesium metal in people's bloodstreams, and had recently revived Bruce Wayne, Batman, with the metal infusion restoring his body to the peak of young, fit perfection.

But for all that, Scott Snyder isn't allowing the label meta-human to be applied to old Batty Bay Bats.

Despite now having been revived and improved to perfection by dionesium? And that newly revived version of Batman not having gone away? Either way, we look forward to a return volley…

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