Behold: Carmen Carnero's United States of Captain America #1 Variant

Marvel Comics sent out the first look at Carmen Carnero's variant cover for The United States of Captain America #1 today, featuring Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson front and center, with others behind them as well. In a surprise twist, we're gonna give it to you right here, at the beginning of the article, rather than force you to wade through a bunch of pointless filler before you get to see it. Ready? Here it is.

United States of Captain America #1 variant cover by Carmen Carnero
United States of Captain America #1 variant cover by Carmen Carnero

Now, under any reasonable circumstances, this would be the end of the transaction. We promised a Carmen Carnero United States of Captain America #1 variant cover, you clicked, you've seen it, so we're done here, right? Well, that's not the way it works, and just because we gave you the cover early doesn't mean we don't still need to include the filler.

Or do we?

[Editor's note: contractually, you do.]

Damn it. Fine. But why should we yammer on about this when Marvel has provided a perfectly adequate press release to copy and paste:

It's the ultimate Captain America team up for the iconic Marvel hero's 80th anniversary in THE UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA! This June, writer Christopher Cantwell and artist Dale Eaglesham will bring Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and John Walker on a grand adventure across the county to recover Captain America's stolen shield. Along the way, they'll run into heroes who have been inspired to follow in Steve Roger's footsteps. These fascinating new shield-bearers will offer an illuminating look at the very concepts that define Captain America and the powerful impact the hero has had on the world outside your window. Get a glimpse at the entire lineup of these new characters on Marvel Stormbreaker Carmen Carnero's newly revealed variant cover for UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA #1.

Fans have already been introduced to local "captains" Aaron Fischer and Nichelle Wright, who will have their stories told in UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 and UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA #2. Be sure to stay tuned tomorrow when Marvel reveals the next exciting addition to Captain America's legacy, set to debut in August's UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA #3!

Retailers, don't forget to order your copies by Monday, May 10th!

Eat your heart out, James Tynion's newsletter! Whew! Job well done, Terror. Job well done.

[Editor's note: wouldn't go that far.]

Here's a solicit.

Variant Cover by CARMEN CARNERO with colors by ALEJANDRO SANCHEZ (APR210843)
On Sale 6/2

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