Belligerent Donny Cates Refuses to Admit Comic He Never Read Inspired Cosmic Ghost Rider

Donny Cates is a global entertainment superstar and fashion icon, as Bleeding Cool reminds you every time we write about him. And yet, he has, until now, remained humble. But could Cates' fame and fortune finally be going to his head? We'll let you be the judge.

In a Twitter exchange back in September, a fan of Cates' Cosmic Ghost Rider asked Cates if he was inspired by Jim Valentino's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 #13 when creating his iconic character, the Cosmic Ghost Rider.

Cates denied it.

And the matter was settled. Or was it? Nearly a month later, someone else popped up to refute Cates' version of the story.

According to @spideymemoir, Cates was inspired by the issue even if he doesn't know it!

The discussion got pretty heated.

Even when Cates had the intricacies of Jungian philosophy explained to him, Cates refused to admit he was obviously inspired to create Cosmic Ghost Rider by this comic he did not read and had never heard of before creating Cosmic Ghost Rider.

No matter what, Cates just wouldn't accept that he doesn't know as much about his own creative process as he thinks, as it was pointed out that Cosmic Ghost Rider is a future version of The Punisher (in a now-deleted tweet).

Great, now Cates has also been inspired by Jason Todd and Bucky Barnes when creating the Cosmic Ghost Rider. Will he even cop to that?!

At press time, Cates had still not admitted he was inspired by the comic he didn't read to create Cosmic Ghost Rider. Bleeding Cool will be carefully monitoring the situation to see if he'll ever cop to it.

What do you think, dear readers? Is Cates out of line? Let us know in the comments.

Belligerent Donny Cates Refuses to Admit Comic He Never Read Inspired Cosmic Ghost Rider

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