Ben Templesmith To Greg Rucka, Bits And Bobs At ECCC


Bleeding Cool's Gavin Lees writes from ECCC, in Seattle.

Ben Templesmith would like everyone to know that he is alive and well. He promises that The Squidder will be released in May, and he has photos from his 4am drawing sessions to prove it!

Terry Dodson is hard at work on a new European-album format graphic novel, similar to last year's Muse (or Songes for our continental readers). This will be released in September by Glénat, with an English-language release not far behind. It is written by Xavier Dorison, whose previous works include the wonderful Long John Silver.

Greg Rucka reports that once his new series, Veil, completes its five-issue run, we can expect a new series of Stumptown to follow quickly behind. This third volume will feature a new artist, Justin Greenwood (of Fuse and Wasteland fame) and, unlike the graphic-novel format of the pervious volumes, this is likely to be an ongoing series.

Former Stumptown artist, Matthew Southworth, is moving on to new projects that he is writing himself. One is an espionage thriller that he intends to cross the line between Ocean's Eleven and Being John Malkovich. The other is a superhero story, about the paramedics who take care of them. Although similar in concept to Marvel's Damage Control, the tone of this will be very different, with a strong focus on social justice and inequality.

Nick Pitarra (The Manhattan Projects) hates cats and would like to suffocate them in Zip-Loc bags. He is the worst human being.

Gavin Lees writes for Bleeding Cool Magazine and assorted other publications. He lives in Seattle.

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