Bitch Planet Continues To Show Just How Resilient Women Can Be

Bitchplanet_04_300_456I've said it before and I'll say it again: Bitch Planet is a game changer. From Image Comics, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, with art by Valentine De Landro, Bitch Planet #4 picks up with inmate Kamau Kogo and her mission to put together a team of prisoners to complete in the all-male sport, Megaton. This issue gives us a closer look at the inner workings of the prison, how the inmates communicate, and the dangers of it all.

I don't think I'm ever going to not be scared of the woman that appears on the screens and repeats sayings like a broken record. Everything about her rigid skeleton like face is haunting, and the whole concept of brainwashing is unsettling. This issue shows us how closely watched these women are, and in so many ways it reveals how resilient and clever humans can be no matter how much you try to control them.

DeConnick continues to write a compelling script in combination with De Landro's detailed intense art style. Overall, Bitch Planet #4 contained a lot of plot building. We are witnessing preparation for Megaton, while still getting to know the personalities of the wide cast of characters. One theme continues to show through the pages strongly, and that's the female spirit. Despite what these women are going through, their bonds continue to grow stronger, and their determination to be successful is unbreakable. If the term "girl power" was ever relevant in a comic, I would feel comfortable saying it here.

bitch-planet-4-insert-21With that said, I want to address the essay at the end of the issue entitled, Sometimes, feminism needs a reminder of what it means to be a movement for the advancement of all women, written by Mikki Kendall. I've mentioned before how happy I am to be able to read things like this at the end of each issue. It adds another level of importance to the series. This essay talks about the differences between how black girls and white girls are treated in the school system. Kendall addresses facts such as how black students are suspended from school at six to ten times the rate of white students for the same offenses. It's definitely worth a read.

If you haven't had a chance to read the Bitch Planet series, don't wait a moment longer. Pick up the first four issues from your local comic book shop today.

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