Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 15th November 2015 – Batman Beats Them All

STK688639This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

Batman and Darth Vader both beat out Secret Wars to the top spot this week, are we getting a little Secret Wars fatigue? Vader is likely to top the list next week, and then it's back to the Bat big time…

1. Batman #46
2. Darth Vader #12
3. Secret Wars #7
4. Walking Dead #148
5. All New Avengers #1
6. Chewbacca #3
7. All New Wolverine #1
8. Back To The Future #2
9. Thors #4
10. Spider-Gwen #2

Thanks to the following retailes

Who had this to say,

DC managed to get three books into the Top Ten this week, which is definitely an improvement–but it's surprising how badly some of their books are performing in our store (no one cares about the Darkseid War tie-ins, for instance). The other surprise–and a disturbing one–is the fact that fewer than 50% of the people who bought Secret Wars bought any of the new Marvel first issues this week. There seems to be a total separation there: some are reading Secret Wars but they have no interest in the new post-Secret-Wars stuff, while others are reading the post-Secret Wars stuff but have totally written off Secret Wars as now-useless fluff.

Preacher, Preacher, Preacher….

This was a Great week for us as 5 titles were Indies.  Walking Dead destroyed everybody this week with almost double figure increase in sale.  More Tv fans are flocking to the stores and this means more Walking dead Sales! Marvel's, Indy books Darth Vader and Chewbacca come in a solid #2 and 5th place.  Yes, I called them Marvel Indy's, as a bountiful of S.W. fans are just buying those books and no Superhero titles.  Back to the Future came in 3rd, 3 covers at regular price meant 3 covers sold per person. Batman #46 cones in 4th.  Yes, The creative team keeps the crowd returning for what could be the last run for the team together.  Marvel Spider Gwen 6th, Carnage 7th and Illuminati comes in 10th.  Marvel fans just can't afford everything this many weeks in row and have started to cut back titles.  Batman and Robin Eternal comes in a solid 8th, with again, Batman fans coming back in droves to enjoy some good ole batman beat downs.  And, Finally the biggest surprise for us was Goddamned. This book came in 9th. A very strong media blitz created a lot of sales for us.   This week, if we added all our Indy and Marvel indy's, Indy's came in at 60% of our new issues sales.  Marvel and Dc take note.

Despite the delays, Secret Wars still came out on top for us here. Seems that all of that complaining doesn't mean that people aren't still going to snap up Marvel's event. It's a pretty surprising list for us this week, as Carnage looks to be a pretty sizeable sleeper hit, and Batman continues to slip for us. I've heard lots of customers say that while they like this current story, they're "ready for Bruce to come back".

Rick and Morty has been blowing up. First printings of early issues are going like crazy, and people are coming in droves looking for the series.

Another great week for sales. ANAD Avengers #1 took the top spot and AN Wolverine #1 was close behind. Vader was still impressive as are all the Star Wars books. The only complete sell out was Back to the Future #2 with 75 copies out by noon.

Wolverine back-issues were sought after this week. The new book may have brought old readers back and started to pick up old issues where the left off…like forever ago.

Great week for sales, though nothing shocking about the list.

Marvel dominates, DC has a few, Image has one. Secret Wars was the clear winner of the week. Batman took #2 with Darseid War tie ins being DC's other spots at 9 & 10. All Adjectives Avengers was #3 with no other Marvel #1 really coming close to a top ten book.

Honestly, I probably had more people asking me about Paper Girls than any book that was new this week.

Good sales week. Batman, Darth Vader, and Secret Wars were the leaders. I was suprised that this weeks 1st issues by Marvel did not do better. I thought Carnage would be red hot since everything he was in before sold very well. Even the Carnage Axis limited series. This time Carnage was almost invisible on the self. For this weeks 1st issues of Marvel only All New Hawkeye have I sold out of and that is because I didn't order many since he already had a first issue just month ago. All New Wolverine currently looks like I over ordered. Hopefully the title has legs. All New Avengers is finally here. Thanks Marvel for having back in May a free preview of the comic. I am sure that helped sales. Not. Captain America White still selling well.

Adventure Comics, Deadpool, Flash, and Supergirl are seeing some back issue love. Adventure Comics thanks to Aquaman. Supergirl needs a good new monthly comic.

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