Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 19th June 2016 Rebirth Is A Civil War Killer (UPDATE)

Batman (2016-) 001-017 This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

And it's a clean sweep for the first issues and Rebirth issues this week. And Civil Wat II takes a battering.

  • 1. Batman #1
  • 2. Superman #1
  • 3. Titans Rebirth #1
  • 4. Green Lanterns #1
  • 5. Green Arrow #1
  • 6. Civil War II #2
  • 7. Star Wars #20
  • 8. Dark Knight: The Last Crusade
  • 9. Star Wars Han Solo #1
  • 10. Justice League 51

Thanks to the following retailers

Who had this to say

Customers confused on Rebirth books. 'Didn't I already buy Batman #1?' – no that was REBIRTH Batman #1, this is Batman #1 that's part of the rebirth re-launch.' See? Totally different.

Man, our customers DO NOT CARE about Civil War II at all! It's amazing how far Marvel has fallen when it comes to their big events. Seems like our customer base has finally started to feel burnt out over Marvel's continued tactics of having a major event at least once a year. Maybe issue 3's "big death" will change that, but I'm doubtful.

On the flip side, DC Rebirth is still kicking ass and taking names. With the exception of Batman, we completely sold out of every new Rebirth title this week. Insane! People can't get enough. Kudos to DC for marketing this correctly….but I do wonder what they'll do if sales start to dip again. Was surprised to see that that Han Solo didn't sell as well as Star Wars. Perhaps on a lighter week it would do better? The same can be said for Dark Knight: Last Crusade. I heard a lot of customers complain about the $7 price on the cover, and would "get it on a lighter week".

LOTS of interest in TMNT #59 already, with the "big death" hitting in that book and surprising people. Other than that, it's the usual suspects: Deadpool, Harley, Batman/TMNT.

Great week. Easily one of the best Wednesdays we have ever had. Only cause for concern? Civil War 2 had a bigger than expected drop off. Even Scooby Apocalypse 2 managed to outsell Civil War 2 here. We didn't sell through half of what we ordered. Hoping the latest issues has some legs. People really don't seem to care about the "deaths" in the latest event.

Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad back issues are currently in demand. Thanks to some movie coming out in August.

Another round of complete sell outs from DC titles. The Star Wars books put up the closest fight for the mediocre DC Titles this week, but was absolutely crushed by the caped crusader.

The back issue market seems to be dominated by people back tracking on DC issues. Makes sense since many people picking up the new titles are newbies too reading DC Comics.

Rebirth continues to be the juggernaut destroying all takers. Customers are loving the stories which has gotten several DC haters (maybe the correct wording is New 52 haters) back into DC. Civil War II and Han Solo are the only books that came close to rebirth numbers. Customers have expressed interest on what changes Civil War II will supposedly have on the Marvel Universe however are skeptical on another round of Marvel Now. Can Marvel pull something great out of its hat or will DC continue to crush them.

Rebirth continues, exceeding expectations (i.e. underordered several books. Green Arrow????)

What an incredible turnaround for DC! Not only do they take eight of our store's Top Ten this week (including the first seven positions, pushing Civil War II #2 down to eighth place), but the 2nd printing of a three week old book took the tenth spot!

Lots of renewed interest in pre-Flashpoint Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern. Star Wars is cooling off fast for Marvel; it's still a respectable seller, but the main book isn't even making our top ten any more, and Han Solo barely squeaked onto the list.

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