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Bleeding Cool Presents: Valiant's Full April 2024 Solicitations

Valiant 2024 April solicits include Punk Mambo, Bloodshot Unleashed: Reloaded, The Darques: Soulside and a X-O Manowar hardcover.

Article Summary

  • Punk Mambo electrifies London with "The Punk Witch Project" release on Apr 3, 2024.
  • Bloodshot's adrenaline-fueled saga continues in "Bloodshot Unleashed #2" out Apr 17.
  • "The Darques: Soulside" one-shot dives into darkness April 24, 2024.
  • Valiant unveils a X-O Manowar hardcover adventure available Apr 24, 2024.

Remember the days when Valiant Entertainment would solicit just one book a month and sometimes not publish it? Look at them now, now that Valiant is working with Alien Books with you, with the full Valiant 2024 April solicits and solicitations as well as the rest of the Alien Books titles, before you'll see them anywhere else. So that's a new oneshot for Punk Mambo, a second issue of Bloodshot Unleashed: Reloaded which has switched from a 2-part 48-page prestige book to a 4-part 32-page stapled book, to better match the previous miniseries, Bloodshot Unleashed. The Darques gets a Soulside oneshot and X-O Manowar gets a hardcover. With launches of Momo: Legendary Warrior, Kerberus In The Silver Rain and Ciruelo, Lord Of Dragons from the Alien Books side.

PUNK MAMBO: The Punk Witch Project (One shot)
Written by Peter Milligan, Art by Andres Ponce, Cover by Dan Panosian, Variant Cover A+B by Andres Ponce
London is pulsating with energy, and guess who's about to set the city ablaze? None other than the electrifying Punk Mambo! Get ready for a wild ride as Punk makes a triumphant return to her roots, unleashing a tidal wave of rebellious magic. Brace yourself as the legendary creator Peter Milligan (Hellblazer, Shade, the Changing Man, X-Statix) takes the reins once again, weaving a spellbinding tale in the very heart of The Punk Witch Project! This is not just a call; it's a full-throttle, mystical reunion that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

Bleeding Cool Presents: Valiant's Full April 2024 Solicitations

Written by Mauro Mantella, Art by Al Barrionuevo, Cover by Agustin Alessio, Variant Cover by Al Barrionuevo
SADDLE STITCH (STAPLED) 32 pages plus COVER In Shops: Apr 17, 2024 SRP: $4.99
Hold onto your seats for the heart-pounding, continuation of Bloodshot Unleashed! Brace yourself for a jaw-dropping episode by the sensational rising star Mauro Mantella (78 MPH, Xira). In this blood-soaked spectacle, our hero reaches new heights of badassery as he confronts the escapees from The Dump, leaving a trail of carnage in his wake.

Bleeding Cool Presents: Valiant's Full April 2024 Solicitations

THE DARQUES: Soulside (One shot)
Written by Fred Van Lente, Art by Sebastian Cabrol, Cover by Salvador Sanz
Dare to venture into the shadows as Master Darque and his enigmatic sister, Sandria, find themselves imprisoned in the chilling depths of Soulside within the ominous Ring of Solomon. Uncover the dark secrets that make Nicodemo tick in this eerie exploration, a journey that peels back the layers of one of the Valiant Universe's most lethal pairings. Are these siblings irreversibly tainted, rotten to the core? Think you had a handle on The Darques before? Think again. Prepare for Fred Van Lente (Jennifer Blood, Conan) to weave a haunting tale that will send shivers down your spine and redefine what you thought you knew about fear in the Valiant U.

Bleeding Cool Presents: Valiant's Full April 2024 Solicitations
X-O MANOWAR: Unconquered
Written by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Art and cover by Liam Sharp
HARDCOVER FX ON COVER 192 pages In Shops: Apr 24, 2024 SRP: $29.99
Meet Aric of Dacia, a warrior-king whose destiny is intricately woven with the legendary X-O Manowar armor. From being abducted as a Visigoth and enslaved among the stars, Aric's transformation from a displaced captive to a cosmic powerhouse has left him the wielder of an otherworldly weapon of unimaginable power. Experience Aric's poignant struggle with his past as he confronts an ancient adversary resurrected in the vastness of space—the formidable Nova Romanus legions. Embark on an extraordinary odyssey through the ages and across the cosmos with the captivating X-O MANOWAR UNCONQUERED. Crafted by the stellar team of Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, (Immortal Wonder Woman, Batgirls) and Liam Sharp (Starhenge, Green Lantern) this unmissable series catapults X-O Manowar back into the spotlight, reshaping the course of Valiant's flagship saga. Collecting X-O MANOWAR UNCONQUERED (2023) #1–6 + BONUS MATERIAL

Bleeding Cool Presents: Valiant's Full April 2024 Solicitations
Ciruelo, Lord of the DRAGONS: FAIRIES & DRAGONS
Written by Ciruelo Cabral, Art and cover by Ciruelo Cabral
HARDCOVER OVERSIZED FORMAT FX ON COVER 128 pages In Shops: Apr 24, 2024 SRP: $34.99
Kume is a Mapuk child who loves to spend his days drawing dragons. His sister, Yssala, loves to sing and dreams of communicating with fairies. When peace throughout the valley no longer reigns, they must venture into the mountains to help a sorceress thwart forthcoming catastrophes. Dragons, fairies, wizards, Amazonian warriors, and other inhabitants of the Andekhan Mountains partake in this most daring and grueling quest. The ancestral wisdom of these people comes back to life and enlightens them to unearth the hidden power of art. This is also a Kickstarter project that you can support with lots of add-ons and rewards! "I've been working on this book for two years, solid. It targets youngsters and is about art, ecology, fairies, and dragons in an adventurous manner. It also concerns the magic of the ancient cultures throughout the American continent." (Ciruelo)

Bleeding Cool Presents: Valiant's Full April 2024 Solicitations
Written by Yuji Kobayashi, Art and cover by Z-ONE
SOFTCOVER DUST JACKET COVER 192 pages – BIMONTHLY In Shops: Apr 10, 2024 SRP: $12.99
When Taro, a mysterious astronaut, crashes on the planet Bizarrearth, he finds not only an aggressive alien species, but also Momo, the legendary Warrior Goddess! Can romance bloom while they fight for their survival? What happened to mankind? Get ready for this sci-fi epic that reveals a new version of the Japanese legend of Momotaro… with a cosmic twist!

Bleeding Cool Presents: Valiant's Full April 2024 Solicitations
Written by Lira Aikawa (naked ape), Art and cover by Berry Star
SOFTCOVER DUST JACKET COVER 208 pages – BIMONTHLY In Shops: Apr 24, 2024 SRP: $12.99
Release the Hellhounds! Sakuya, Leon and Goto: the Kerberos organization Omega Team has a single mission: to protect the mysterious "psi" element, the secret substance that drives the development of the entire country. But while they may be an invincible elite squad, their greatest enemy hides behind closed doors. As tension builds within the group, Sakuya's troubled past reveals a hidden aspect of her personality that will change everything… and could put the whole world on the path to destruction!

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