Bloodshot Salvation #6 (Late) Review: Some Emotional Weight and Incredible Artwork

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In the near future, Jessie is taken away from the survivors by Omen. In the present, Bloodshot tries to make peace with Magic over his absence with "Daddy." Magic is furious, but the two soon bond over their mutual fear for their infant daughter. The doctors can do nothing for her, but Ninja-K has an out-there possible solution. It involves a trip, meeting with another hero, and possibly making some dire compromises.

Bloodshot Salvation #6 cover by Kenneth Rocafort
Bloodshot Salvation #6 cover by Kenneth Rocafort

The dual-story advancement is doing little to justify itself in this issue, and it has been one of the weaker aspects of Bloodshot Salvation for sure.

Beyond that, Bloodshot Salvation #6 is a solidly emotional tale. Ray and Magic's confrontation over his recent actions is a compelling scene. While their interpersonal problems are far from solved, they do have a touching moment in worrying for Jessie. It all works pretty well, even if it feels like Ray has just gotten away with his stupid actions in taking revenge for someone who had effectively moved on from her trauma.

He clearly learned nothing, as he does make some decisions for Magic later on in the story. The question becomes whether or not Bloodshot Salvation will decide that Ray is doing the right thing, or if it will justly "punish him" for his arrogance and control-freakishness. That remains to be seen and will determine a lot of how this comic is perceived in retrospect.

It's cool seeing Ninja-K and the other hero here. Valiant has become quite adept at making this feel like an interconnected universe. He doesn't do a lot for this tale beyond pulling the plot forward and being smug, as he is wont to do. However, it's still cool to see him nonetheless.

Bloodshot Salvation #6 art by Renato Guedes
Bloodshot Salvation #6 art by Renato Guedes

Renato Guedes stands out as the all-star this issue. His highly detailed and hyper-realistic artwork is incredible. It is some of the most realistic work I've seen in some time with the exception of someone like Alex Ross. There is a fascination with extreme-close-up panels which feel inorganic (this could be a matter of scripting, of course). He provides the inking and color art too, both of which are similarly fantastic. The color is especially well-balanced and graded very well.

Bloodshot Salvation #6 is another solid issue in the series. It's fairly slow-moving and clearly trying to set up for the hyped-up next issue (oh, we'll get there). However, the emotional weight of it all as well as the phenomenal art make this an enjoyable read. I can recommend this one. Feel free to check it out.

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