BOOM! Studios Has Two Explosive Announcements Today at ComicsPRO

DC Comics' Dan Didio made some news in Charlotte, North Carolina at ComicsPRO in front of some of the biggest comic shop retailers. While Marvel Comics launched a Black Cat title.

But with BOOM! Studios presenting this morning, I'm told to expect TWO big announcements – the first about a new original series from one of the biggest writers in comics and from one of the hottest rising star artists; and a second about an unprecedented opportunity for retailers that puts forth the company's vision for the future of the Direct Market.

The explosive publisher has been earning rave reviews from even the oft-sceptical Brian Hibbs, but I'm told that while this new retailer news addresses the many concerns raised by the loudest voices – including Hibbs – it may also raise a few eyebrows from other publishers. The proverbial gauntlet is going to be thrown down.

Surprisingly there's no press release teasing the news. But they'll probably send out one – or three – today. But you (kinda) read about it here first…

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