Breaking Comics With Lex Luthor, Ms Marvel And Loki


We've been looking at how comics are breaking the very reality they exist in of late. As if such a thing could break the very nature of reality. Because we think it's funny. So while Wolverine is wearing huge amounts of armour in today's Wolverine #1 as his healing factor is shot – though leaving his chin and mouth easily exposed – a comic book tradition popularised by Batman, Batwing has to break that.


It's a subtle touch but it ridicules the iconic look of the Bat. Well, at least they don't actually come out and say it.


Don't say that out loud Deathstroke in Forever Evil! Your attempt to add a psychological explanation falls apart when applied to others who let bits of their face stick out!


Thankfully Detective Comics gives us a Batman in assigned to an insane asylum but somehow allowed to keep his secret identity and costume. But that's okay, it's all a hallucination. Hallucinations have a get out clause from destroying the reality of comics as long as they don't actually start breaking the fourth wall and talking about the reality of comic book life.IMG_0056

Captain Marvel in Ms Marvel? What are you thinking? Talking about character reboots in a comic that reboots the character of Ms Marvel? The skies are falling again! Any more?


Right there, a Loki: Agent Of Asgard trying to avoid getting rebooted back to the old classic Loki. And as we can see, hacking the internet to remove any mention of his earlier form.

Did it work?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, of London, with an evening with Savage Pencil at 7pm on Friday.

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