C.B. Cebulski Confirms Bleeding Cool Story About New Moon Knight Book

Marvel Editor-in-Chief and white guy who used to pretend to be Japanese for writing opportunities C.B. Cebulski confirmed on Friday that a new Moon Knight series is on the way from the purported House of Ideas, four days after Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston reported news of one as a scoop. Johnston says the series will be written by Jed McKay with art by Alessandro Cappuccio, and that it will launch in July. The confirmation from Cebulski is welcome by Bleeding Cool, both for the opportunity to congratulate ourselves for getting something right and also for the opportunity to create a second clickbait article about the exact same topic, except this time with less information.

"For the fans speculating that the inclusion of Moon Knight in that JRJR promo piece was a tease that there's a new ongoing series coming… yes, you're right!" tweeted Cebulski. "More details, and some lovely art, coming soon!"

The John Romita Jr. art Cebulski mentions is from a recent teaser announcing the legendary artist's return to Marvel, as Bleeding Cool reported earlier this week.

John Romita Jr Returns To Marvel From DC Comics
John Romita Jr Returns To Marvel From DC Comics

But a day earlier than that, Johnston wrote at Bleeding Cool:

Moon Knight time! Jed MacKay is becoming quite the hot comic book writer property for Marvel Comics. Initially doing a few stories for Spider-Verse and the Man Without Fear series, of late he has been writing high profile books for Marvel such as Black Cat, Taskmaster, Avengers Mech Strike and the upcoming Infinite Destinies Annuals.

Now we get the word that he will be writing a new Moon Knight comic book series starting from Marvel Comics in July. After all, he has plenty of thoughts about the character of late.

He will be joined by Italian comics artist Alessandro Cappuccio of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics and of VE Schwab's Shades Of Magic series. Who, a couple of years ago, was putting together test pages for Marvel. Looks like that has paid off.

Cebulski hasn't mentioned the creative team yet, so Johnston is still at least two steps ahead of him. Asked for comment, Johnston said only, "Pip pip."

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