Calvin and Hobbes Crosses Over with Bloom County Again

Move over, Infinity Countdown Metal Justice Wars for Wolverine! Sunday's edition of Berkeley Breathed's Bloom County featured what might be the best comics super-mega-crossover event of the year. In a new strip posted on Facebook bearing the signatures of both Breathed and Bill Watterson, Calvin, of Calvin and Hobbes fame, returned to comics to team up with Bloom County's Opus against some dinosaurs.

But is it for real? Calvin and Hobbes has been a yearly April Fools Day tradition at Bloom County for three years running now, with Breathed posting a strip on April 1, 2016 and April 1, 2017 featuring Calvin and Hobbes and apparently signed by Watterson, after claiming as an obvious prank that Watterson had signed the franchise over to him. Watterson, who's kept out of the public eye since ending Calvin and Hobbes in 1995, except for a few very rare occasions, hasn't mentioned it one way or another. And Breathed is not averse to the occasional hoax.

In any case, Polygon seems convinced of the strip's veracity, gushing about the team-up in a recent article. Maybe they forgot what day it was. Watterson involvement or not, you can still enjoy the crossover strip below:

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