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Bill Watterson & John Kascht's The Mysteries Picture Book For Adults
Creator of Calvin & Hobbes, Bill Watterson, is creating a new illustrated novel, The Mysteries, with fellow artist John Kascht and published by Andrew McMeels at the end of the year It is currently the most ordered book on Amazon. "From Bill Watterson, bestselling creator of the beloved comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, and John Kascht,[...]
Improbable Previews: Bill Watterson Returns to Comics in Weapon X #19?!
Every so often (but seemingly less so since we started this column), comic book publishers accidentally send out unlettered previews, showing us what the characters are doing but not what they’re saying. In Improbable Previews, we correct this mistake by putting the words back in.
Calvin and Hobbes Crosses Over with Bloom County Again
In a new strip posted on Facebook bearing the signatures of both Breathed and Bill Watterson, Calvin, of Calvin and Hobbes fame, returned to comics to team up with Bloom County's Opus against some dinosaurs. But is it for real? Calvin and Hobbes has been a yearly April Fools Day tradition at Bloom County for three[...]
From Strip To Script – Calvin And Hobbes
So, next up would be something from the beloved, venerated, and in this case, capital-E-Essential Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. (Apologies for the slightly janky scan, it's from the copy of this treasury that I've had since I was in short-pants…) PAGE 121.2 P1 CALVIN and HOBBES, sitting in the grass CALVIN turns to HOBBES. – CALVIN                                       Want[...]
North America Hits South France – More Looks At Angoulême 2015 — Matteo Scalera (@ScaleraMatteo) January 28, 2015 Stampede at the start of #Angouleme2015 — Ben Rankel (@benrankel) January 30, 2015 Bill Watterson exhibit in #Angouleme — Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) January 31, 2015 Hope they were able to skip past these queues… Ralala Angoulême[...]
The Bill Watterson Exhibition – In Angoulême, And Around The World
The Bill Watterson – The Quest for Calvin and Hobbes exhibition has opened in Angoulême, at the start of the largest comics art festival in the world Watterson was voted Grand Prix President last and so, while not attending, he did create a new strip for their poster and helped curate the display. Exhibited are original art and[...]
Alan Moore, Katsuhiro Otomo and Hermann Are Angoulême Grand Prix Finalists
Alan Moore, Katsuhiro Otomo and Bill Watterson Moore won but declined to be so honoured, and Watterson was duly voted in. Well, the judges have picked their top three from the long list And it seems that history is repeating itself rather… Sadly not Stan Lee Not this year. And the three finalists are Alan Moore, Katsuhiro Otomo and Hermann. It's unlikely that[...]
stan lee
This year it was won by Bill Watterson, after Alan Moore declined the honour. Nevertheless, he is nominated again, as well as for the first time, Stan Lee! Christophe Blain Christian Binet Charles Burns Daniel Clowes Nicolas de Crécy Pierre Christin Cosey Étienne Davodeau Edika Emmanuel Guibert Hermann Alejandro Jodorowsky Quino Stan Lee Milo Manara Taiyo Matsumoto Lorenzo Mattotti Alan Moore Katsuhiro Otomo Marjane Satrapi Joann Sfar Bill Sienkiewicz Jiro Taniguchi Richard Corben Jean Van Hamme Chris Ware Favourites are Katsuhiro Otomo, after he[...]
Bill Watterson's Poster For Next Year's Angoulême
Bill Watterson is President of next year's Angouleme Comic Art Festival in France For which he has drawn this poster. New Bill Watterson artwork is a rare and anticipated treat I understand however that there is more to come… The show will have exhibitions of the work of both this year's president and creator of Calvin & Hobbes,[...]
Bill Watterson's Pearls Before Swine Art To Be Auctioned For Parkinson's Research
Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes, returned to comic strips recently with a three-day collaboration with Stephen Pastis on Pearls Before Swine The art from those three days are going to be auctioned off at Heritage Auctions with proceeds going to benefit the Michael J Fox Foundation For Parkinson's Research. The collaboration between the two[...]
Tuesday Runaround – High School Comic Con
THE TEARS OF A CROWD The Bill Watterson/Richard Thompson exhibition in Ohio has opened. "However, there was nothing more rewarding and simply beautiful than watching Richard show up that night, to see over 400 people in the galleries — who stood there enthralled with his work, letting out both laughter and tears," McGurk continued "For some longtime[...]
Things To Do In Ohio If You Like Calvin And Hobbes And Richard Thompson
Watterson won the National Cartoonists Society's prestigious Reuben Award for "Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year" in both 1986 and 1988. Bill Watterson will also choose art from the BICLM's collection from cartoonists who influenced him, including Charles Schulz, George Herriman, Jim Borgman, Berkeley Breathed, Garry Trudeau and Ralph Steadman. The second exhibition looks at the work of[...]
Friday Morning Runaround – What A Watterson
More to come today… HOBBES CHOICE Bill Watterson has drawn his first published cartoon since the end of Calvin And Hobbes, eighteen years ago, as a documentary film poster And is that an all-grown up Calvin getting naked? The documentary it portrays is a self described "love letter to comic strips" that include interviews with[...]
Bill Watterson Wins Angoulême Grand Prix. Now, For Next Year…
Bill Watterson has won the Angoulême Grand Prix, giving the creator of Calvin & Hobbes membership of the Angoulême Academy and making him president of next year's Angoulême comics festival. Which, for a comic creator often regarded as a bit of a hermit, makes for an interesting choice for the Academy[...]
Boycott Threatens To Disrupt Angoulême Grand Prix
Binet, Christophe Blain, Charles Burns, Pierre Christin, Daniel Clowes, Richard Corben, Bernard Cosey, Étienne Davodeau, Nicolas de Crécy, Edika, Emmanuel Guibert, Hermann, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Manu Larcenet, Milo Manara, Lorenzo Mattotti, Alan Moore, Katsuhiro Otomo, Quino, Marjane Satrapi, Joann Sfar, Jiro Taniguchi, Jean Van Hamme, Chris Ware and Bill Watterson. But the Academy, who normally vote on[...]
Late Night Fun – Mike Holmes In The Style Of…
He has done everyone from Sergio Argones to Bill Watterson Whether inspired by comic strips, comic books, animation or video games, Holmes' homages are amazing I've picked a few to share here, but he has so many that you will find yourself lost on his page for quite some time. Gary Larson Moebius James Hewlett Bruce Timm Maurice Sendak Eric Powell Rob[...]
Warner Bros & Leonardo DiCaprio Team For Bill Watterson Biopic
The Tracking Board is reporting that Warner Bros has grabbed the Dan Dollar penned biopic A Boy And His Tiger about Calvin And Hobbes creator Bill Watterson  The film will be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, Roy Lee and Rock Shaink and will focus on Watterson's early career, his struggles with sudden popularity and the licensing battles[...]
Bill Watterson's Calvin And Hobbes For Sale
The rarity of such pieces means the market may go apeshit for this Bill Watterson painted Calvin & Hobbes piece from the 1990 calendar. Five figures at a minimum, could it be six? Bill Watterson Calvin and Hobbes 1989-90 Calendar Cover Watercolor Illustration Original Art (c 1988). Calvin and Hobbes fans, feast your eyes on this —it's the real deal! As[...]