Is The Mystery Marauders Member The Golden Age Angel?

In January, Marauders writer Steve Orlando told AIPT's X-Men Monday column of a mysterious ninth member of his new Marauders team, being relaunched as part of the X-Men's Destiny Of X run. "There will be people joining the cast in the future that will be truly surprising. And it's very, very exciting to me because not only do we get to bring in someone who has never been in a main line X-Men book before — a contemporary X-Men book, I should say — but we get to bring in a character who I believe is pretty historic as far as representation goes and those things are both exciting to me. But what the key is is that when this person comes back, it will be not just for those meta reasons, it will be because their role is indelible in the book and they offer something no other mutant can. I think they're going to be showing up in a flash appearance within the first few issues perhaps, but like anyone who is new to Krakoa, where they land is going to be an ongoing question, and to bring them in is super exciting. When you see how they fit in, it's going to be good and it's possible trillions of lives will be on the line once they join the team. So we'll see."

In today's column, they return to Steve Orlando, saying "Finally, the mystery ninth Marauder you teased back in X-Men Monday #140. X-Fans guessed and guessed and continue to guess. Have you seen any correct guesses out in the wild? What can you tell us before you get back to work, Steve?" With Steve Orlando's response "Not yet! But as for what I can tell you, I'll say the biggest clue is one I've given before: I'm a huge fan of Morrison and Porter's 13-member JLA roster expansion." With AIPT's response "Hm… that tease makes me think of Zauriel… who was a guardian angel… and the X-Men have an Angel… it's Warren Worthington III. Nailed it."

Thing is, I also was thinking Angel for that exact reason. Just not that Angel. Because the solicitations for Marauders #5 lists the following;

(W) Steve Orlando (A) Andrea Broccardo (CA) Kael Ngu
HELL CAN WAIT! Avalon is falling! The Acolytes are on the hunt! Nemesis has just landed from the Age of Apocalypse! Seems like the perfect time for a heist, right? The Marauders couldn't agree more! It's a mission to the recent past to rescue the last survivor of a forgotten mutant golden age! RATED T+In Shops: Jul 13, 2022 SRP: $3.99

The original Angel. Tom Halloway, created by an unknown writer and artist Paul Gustavson in Marvel Comics #1 in 1939, the very first Marvel Comic, which also featured the first publication of Marvel Comics' predecessor, Timely Comics. and the original Human Torch, the Scientist Guild, The Sub-Mariner and The Masked Raider.

Is The Mystery Marauders Member The Golden Age Angel?
Is The Mystery Marauders Member The Golden Age Angel?

A costumed detective without powers, or a mask. The Angel was a former surgeon, brought up by his warden father in the prison where he worked, learning about crime and criminals from the inmates, gaining his name when he saved one of them from being executed. A popular character, The Angel appeared over a hundred times in the thirties and forties. The character was revived in The Avengers in the seventies, as a vision generated by Rick Jones to fight in the Skrull/Kree War. And was one of the main characters in his own right in The Marvels Project in 2009. That series saw his grandson take over the role. A parallel version of him also appears in the X-Men Noir comic, investigating the murder of Jean Grey.

And now… a Marauder? Is that a good guess?

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