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Sci-Fi Shooter Marauders Will Launch Alpha Test This Week
Team17 and Small Impact Games will be launching a closed beta on PC for their upcoming looter shooter Marauders next week Starting on July 20th and running until July 25th, you'll be able to try out a ton of new content including two new raid locations Those are the Terraformer, a newly abandoned agricultural hub[...]
Cassandra Nova has her sights set on the Kin Crimson in this preview of Marauders #3 Cassandra is used to committing genocide *on* mutants Will she now commit genocide *for* mutants? Check out the preview below. Marauders #3 by Steve Orlando & Eleonora Carlini, cover by Kael Ngu EXTINCTION AGENDA – PART 3! Panic in Shi'ar space! The[...]
Marvel Comics
In the first issue of Marauders #1 we got a new history of Marvel mutants revealed Before Krakoa, before Arakko, before Apocalypse, there was a first race of mutants on Earth And they have been held prisoner by the Shi'ar all this time It might also give new light to the X-Men's historic involvement with[...]
Sci-Fi Shooter Marauders Will Launch Alpha Test This Week
Team17 and Small Impact Games announced a brand new alpha test for their upcoming sci-fi shooter looter Marauders happening in the first week of May This will be a closed alpha test and it will be running from May 4th-9th on PC The game is currently up for pre-order with the added caveat to that[...]
The Marauders have only just come to space and already a fight has broken out in this preview of Marauders #2 Do the mutants wreck the place everywhere they go? Maybe there's a reason they're so feared and hated! Check out the preview below. Marauders #2 by Steve Orlando & Eleonora Carlini, cover by Kael Ngu EXTINCTION AGENDA[...]
Is The Mystery Marauders Member The Golden Age Angel?
In January, Marauders writer Steve Orlando told AIPT's X-Men Monday column of a mysterious ninth member of his new Marauders team, being relaunched as part of the X-Men's Destiny Of X run "There will be people joining the cast in the future that will be truly surprising And it's very, very exciting to me because[...]
Anti-mutant tensions reach Fever Pitch in this preview of Marauders #1 Not a Fever Pitch The Fever Pitch He's just happy to be remembered Aren't we all? Check out the preview below. Marauders #1 by Steve Orlando & Eleonora Carlini, cover by Kael Ngu NEW TEAM! NEW VILLAINS! NEW MYSTERIES! Captain Pryde and the Marauders are rededicating themselves[...]
Cover image for Marauders Annual #1
Welcome to Friday Night Previews, where we attach snarky headlines to previews of next week's comics and call it "journalism." Daken attends a barbeque in this preview of Marauders Annual #1, in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday… and he's the main course! Check out the preview below. Marauders Annual #1 by Steve Orlando & Creees Lee,[...]
Auto Draft
Including today's Marauders #17, setting up the shape of Krakoa, the Quiet Council and the Hellfire Club to come Oh and don't forget Phobos, the recently annexed-for-humanity moon of Arakko last week Once more with Feilong… That orchid is a plant I mean, obviously, but a plant from Krakoa, sending information back You would have thought[...]
Cover image for Marauders #27
The Marauders face their most terrifying opponent in Wednesday's Marauders #27… a number one issue relaunch! Check out the preview below. Marauders #27 by Gerry Duggan & Matteo Lolli, cover by Russell Dauterman THE SUN SETS ON THE MARAUDERS The Marauders' first tour comes to a close as the shake-ups within the Hellfire Trading Company crystalize[...]
Genocidal Villain Cassandra Nova Joins New Marauders Team
Marvel Comics dropped a Friday bombshell this morning, revealing that the final member of the roster for the upcoming Marauders relaunch will be Cassandra Nova, Charles Xavier's slightly more evil sort-of-twin created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely for E is for Extinction Nova was responsible for unleashing sentinels on the mutant nation of Genosha[...]
Auto Draft
Well, we guessed (not much of a guess really as he had previously said it) that Steve Orlando would be writing Marauders with a new Marauders #1 launching as part of Destiny Of X, the Second Age Of Krakoa, from Marvel in March 2022 But now we know that it will be drawn by Eleonora[...]
Second Krakoan Age Of X-Men Announced - Destiny Of X Titles
They promised us the big announcement for the X-Men titles today and, as the New York offices were shutting up for the night, someone over there went and pressed the button for Destiny Of X, with this image from Leinil Yu and Sunny Gho. The titles are Immortal X-Men, Marauders, X-Force, Knights Of X, X-Men, Legion[...]
The Grateful Dead X-Men
Even if they are also being a bit obvious. While over in Marauders #26, Harry Leland, the Black Bishop of the Hellfire Club, has been revived as well, and is rather happy about his new lot. But as he is appointed the new UN ambassador for Krakoan X-Men… … he also has to watch his words considering his[...]
Cover image for Marauders #26
In this preview of Marauders #26, Fin Fang Foom is out on a bender and decides to drop by the Marauder's ship for some whiskey No, for real That's the plot Check it out below. MARAUDERS #26 SEP210944 (W) Gerry Duggan (A) Matteo Lolli (CA) Russell Dauterman HOW TO FIGHT YOUR DRAGON! While a new representative of Krakoa hits the[...]