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Lacey is the jerk who talks during Marvel movies and screams about comic books in her spare time. She's a cosplayer and all around nerd with a love of all things Hulk. Her hobbies include being incredibly anxious and staring into the void.

TaLynn Kel
The cosplay community is full of incredible people. It's a group built up by seriously hardworking, talented individuals. Few encapsulate this as much as the focus of our spotlight today: TaLynn Kel.
Cosplay Spotlight: Straight Outta Cosplay
Here at BC, we get the opportunity to do a lot of cool things — from reading the latest comics to interviewing our favorite cosplayers. The latter is what I get the pleasure of doing today with Corey Morgan, aka Straight Outta Cosplay.
Brown Suga Outlaw cosplay
February is coming to an end, but this month has shone a bright light on some incredibly talented cosplayers! One of these is Cree Michelle Rogers, aka Brown Suga Outlaw of the UsualRangers5.
Cosplay Spotlight: Stardust Megu
The focus of our Cosplay Spotlight today is Stardust Megu! One of the nicest cosplayers I've had the pleasure to work with, Megu is not only a talented cosplayer, but also an upbeat, body positive, and optimistic delight of a person.
casual assassin cosplay
With Black History Month bringing back in the incredible hashtag #28DaysofBlackCosplay, we here at Bleeding Cool are taking the time to highlight some of our favorite cosplayers! Starting us off we have Erik Slade Harris, AKA Casual Assassin Cosplay.
Bonehead #1 Review: Dialogue-Heavy Sci-Fi
Bonehead #1: In a futuristic city, roaming gangs nicknamed “Boneheads” use specialized gear to circumvent the law and traverse the world all in the name of adrenaline and recognition. But is it a good read?
Long Lost #2
Review: This comic's forte is subtle, creeping horror, and Long Lost #2 takes quiet, everyday scenes and spins them into something captivating.