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Lacey is the jerk who talks during Marvel movies and screams about comic books in her spare time. She's a cosplayer and all around nerd with a love of all things Hulk. Her hobbies include being incredibly anxious and staring into the void.

long lost issue 5

Long Lost #5 Review: Horror in Hazel Patch

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Long Lost #5 is bold from the start, revealing the tragic backstory of Piper, Frances, and their mother. Without spoiling too much, the first few pages of #5 give you much more of an appreciation for the girls and their struggles. Their strained relationship with their mother, aunt, and town are easily explained […]

TaLynn Kel

Cosplay Spotlight: TaLynn Kel

The cosplay community is full of incredible people. It's a group built up by seriously hardworking, talented individuals. Few encapsulate this as much as the focus of our spotlight today: TaLynn Kel. With a resume that includes a variety of fantastic costumes, published essays, and her own incredibly intriguing website, this is one cosplayer you […]

Cosplay Spotlight: Straight Outta Cosplay

Here at BC, we get the opportunity to do a lot of cool things — from reading the latest comics to interviewing our favorite cosplayers. The latter is what I get the pleasure of doing today with Corey Morgan, aka Straight Outta Cosplay. BC: How long have you been cosplaying? What interested you in cosplaying? I have […]

Brown Suga Outlaw cosplay

Cosplay Spotlight: Brown Suga Outlaw

February is coming to an end, but this month has shone a bright light on some incredibly talented cosplayers! One of these is Cree Michelle Rogers, aka Brown Suga Outlaw of the Usual Rangers 5. She challenged herself to a character a day for #28DaysofBlackCosplay and absolutely killed it. We talked to Rogers about what inspired […]

Hey Jay Cosplay and Brandon Banks of The Food Chain

Cosplay Double Feature: Hey Jay Cosplay and Brandon Banks of The Food Chain

Continuing on with our Cosplay Spotlights for this month, inspired by the fantastic #28DaysofBlackCosplay, we have two more fantastic artists! Check out Hey Jay Cosplay and Brandon Banks of The Food Chain below! Hey Jay Cosplay BC: How long have you been cosplaying? What interested you in cosplaying? I finally mustered up my courage to do my first […]

Stars and Stripes and Steel Lotus Design Studios

Cosplay Spotlight: Stars and Stripes and Steel Lotus Design Studios

Back with another Cosplay Spotlight! Inspired by the always incredible #28DaysofBlackCosplay, Bleeding Cool is taking this opportunity to show off some of our favorite cosplayers! This time we have Steel Lotus Design Studios and Stars and Stripes Cosplay. Steel Lotus Design Studios BC: How long have you been cosplaying? What interested you in cosplaying? I […]

Cosplay Spotlight: Stardust Megu

The focus of our Cosplay Spotlight today is Stardust Megu! One of the nicest cosplayers I've had the pleasure to work with, Megu is not only a talented cosplayer, but also an upbeat, body positive, and optimistic delight of a person. Check out her interview below and make sure to give her page a visit! […]

Wayward Sisters cover

Wayward Sisters Anthology Review: Surprisingly Touching Monster Tales

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Wayward Sisters is a collection celebrating the stories of female and non-binary monsters through various adventures that range from beauty pageants to violent vengeance. This eclectic mix of creatures run the gauntlet of emotions, resulting in a surprisingly touching gathering of stories. With 38 creators, Wayward Sisters offers up a book that's full […]


Cosplay Spotlight Double Feature: Sanura Cosplay and Cryptic Cyborg

Our previous article on cosplayer Erik Harris — AKA Casual Assassin Cosplay — was met with a ton of positive reactions! Springing forth from that, we turn our attention to two more fantastic cosplayers: Cryptic Cyborg and Sanura Cosplay. Sanura Cosplay BC: How long have you been cosplaying? What interested you in cosplay? I've been cosplaying since 2012, […]

long lost #4

Long Lost #4 Review: Marrying Family and Horror

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] In this preview of Long Lost #4, we continue our journey with sisters Piper and Frances, learning more about family, history, and their home of Hazel Patch. Darkness and mystery abound as the girls continue their journey to discover the truth. The tone of Long Lost #4 is much heavier than the previous […]

casual assassin cosplay

Cosplay Spotlight: Casual Assassin Cosplay

With Black History Month bringing back in the incredible hashtag #28DaysofBlackCosplay, we here at Bleeding Cool are taking the time to highlight some of our favorite cosplayers! Starting us off we have Erik Slade Harris, AKA Casual Assassin Cosplay. BC: How long have you been cosplaying? What made you interested in cosplaying? Harris: I've been cosplaying […]

Sideways #1 cover by Kenneth Rocafort

Sideways #1 Review: Livestream for Your Life

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Sideways is the tale of Derek James, a high-schooler who ended up with the ability to leap through dimensions after an ill-fated trip to Gotham. But instead of donning a slick costume and taking to the streets to fight bad guys, Derek is more concerned with his follower count. Derek is definitely a […]

bonehead #2

Bonehead #2 Review: A Story Still Finding Its Place

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Previously, I was far from impressed with Bonehead #1. While I felt that the series had potential, it was weighted down with clumsy dialogue and the tendency to over explain. But the gorgeous artwork and colors — supplied by Rhoald Marcellius and Sakti Yuwono — pushed me into giving it a second chance. With the […]

dc womens suits

Let Your Nerd Flag Fly with DC's New Women's Suits, home to a variety of great, nerdy products, is expanding their repertoire with a variety of business-appropriate, geek-chic clothing for women. This stylish collection offers up a handful of pieces that rep your nerd pride subtly enough to be appropriate in the office. Staples, such as this black, one button blazer ($39.99, on sale), […]

Godshaper SC

Godshaper SC Review: A Tightly Woven, Emotional Journey

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Diving into Godshaper, I already had high hopes. I'd read Eliot's review of the first issue, and it'd seemed right up my alley. Godshaper is set in a universe where the laws of physics began to mutate in the late '50s. Taking their place are gods — one for every person. Now the […]

Long lost

Long Lost #3 Review: Growing Some Teeth

[rwp-review id="0"] Another month brings another review of Long Lost. I've talked at length about how much I enjoy this series: so how does issue #3 stack up? Horror is the most prevalent piece of this issue. The way Francis and Piper play off of each other is set on the back burner in favor of […]

Limbo Lounge Cover

The Limbo Lounge Review: A Delightfully Strange Romp Between Life and Death

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Purgatory is a popular subject in books, movies, and TV. In Limbo Lounge, author and artist Dave Calver brings his take on the topic to comics. Our story follows Lou, a man who wakes up morphed into a giant flower in an unknown world. If that description seems odd to you, then buckle […]

Shadow/Batman #4

The Shadow/Batman #4 Review: Snowballing Despair

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] It's not often that a comic book offers up what seems like true, impossible hopelessness — at least, not at the scale that The Shadow/Batman #4 brings to the table. Continuing the reveal of the Silent Seven's reach, #4 is bathed in frustration and stress in a totally fantastic way. Writer Steve Orlando […]

Secret Weapons #0 Review: Not Just for the Birds

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] It's hard to get tired of superheroes, even when most of their powers boil down to the same thing. Flight, healing factors, super strength — all classic and useful abilities. No one can argue that there are certain things you'd want to do — such as mind-reading and, like, accidentally summoning soda — […]


Pestilence Vol. 1 Review: Someone Call the Plague Doctor

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Often a comic doesn't quite manage to catch your interest in issue #1. That was the problem I originally had with Pestilence. Written by Frank Tieri, the premise is an interesting take on the zombie genre. It poses the question: What if the Black Death was really just the world's first zombie infestation? […]