Charles Soule And Steve McNiven Launch The Uncanny Inhumans

Okay, looks like Nemesis Returns may be even longer delayed than we previously thought…


Uncanny X-Men. Uncanny Avengers. And now Uncanny Inhumans. IGN asked writer Charles Soule.

IGN: The use of the "uncanny" adjective is quite interesting, as it was originally used with the X-Men. In a way, it feels like Marvel has been pushing the Inhumans to be the new X-Men of the Marvel U, and this title certainly reinforces that idea. How did you land on the title of Uncanny Inhumans?

Soule: Uncanny has been used in the Marvel Universe to refer to a number of different books – I mean, there's Uncanny Avengers, and others. I wouldn't read too much more into it than that – uncanny just means strange, really, or unexpected. I think the Inhumans are certainly that.

Uncanny Avengers got that title because it incorporated mutants into the Avengers team, in a process of post-Avengers Vs X-Men… Soule told us there were more Marvel projects coming before.

8. The Oh My God! This one is another Marvel book, and it's for a character I think is actually a bit under-explored. I get to break some new ground here, and that's always fun. Redefining expectations, you know? If I do my job right, people will hopefully want much more of this person, and I'd be more than happy to tell those stories. (Moleskine color – light blue.)

The book will open with a #0 issue in April, drawn by Steve McNiven and will focus on Black Bolt.

if Inhuman is the big, royal-level story focused on the various Inhuman factions and their struggle for control over the Inhuman "nation," then Uncanny Inhumans will take more of a street-level approach, looking at some of the battles being fought on the ground, so to speak. It won't be quite so focused on New Attilan and the struggles related to it. Maybe more of a global view.

Another key difference is that Inhuman focuses on Queen Medusa, while Uncanny's lead will be (primarily) Black Bolt. That said, the idea is to continue to bring up the newer characters we've met, guys like Reader, Lineage, Inferno, Iso, good old Frank McGee, and others in both books.

This is the third Inhuman monthly comic at Marvel, joining Inhuman and Ms Marvel


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