Chris Claremont Reveals How He'd Rewrite the X-Men from Scratch

Legendary comic book writer Chris Claremont recently appeared on Reddit's /r/comicbooks community for an AMA. He answered questions from X-Men fans and, in doing so, inadvertently provided Bleeding Cool with essentially our entire Thanksgiving weekend's worth of comic book clickbait. To be honest, we're not sure why we love Chris Claremont more: because he created the single greatest comic book run of all time that has brought joy to our life for decades… or because he made it so we could take it easy on Turkey Day and not worry about writing comic book news articles. It's really a tough choice.

Uncanny X-Men #209, one place Chris Claremont would start if rewriting the X-Men
The cover to Uncanny X-Men #209

During the AMA, when answering the question of what storyline he'd like to rewrite if given a chance, Claremont revealed he'd like to rewrite all of them!

"Considering my vision of the X-Men was that it's all one storyline from 94-279 page 11, I'd rather just rewrite the whole thing," Claremont said. "If I could, I would revisit the Rachel arc I was starting at issue 209, so I could finish it as a miniseries or a maxiseries that starts off Excalibur. I'd like to revisit the story of Rachel, so I could get it better with her and the Phoenix. My B wish? I would rather have found a way to talk Jim Shooter into agreeing to my proposition when I heard about X-Factor, which was to leave Jean dead and hold onto the existing continuity. Bring Scott back with Madelyne and the baby for him to become the Professor X of X-Factor, and bring in Jean's sister as the unattached member of the team, and thereby give Hank and Bobby and Warren something to do rather than rendering them functionally irrelevant."

It sounds like Chris Claremont could use another alternate continuity series at Marvel. Are you listening to this, Akira?


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