Chris Claremont Returns for X-Men: Wedding Special #1 in May

Like all dream weddings, the upcoming nuptials between Kitty Pryde and Colossus promises to be filled with "shocks and surprises," according to a press release sent out by Marvel. One surprise is that Marvel has moved the wedding up to May, after sending all of us a Save the Date saying it would be in June. How rude! Perhaps most surprising of all though is that the comic will feature a story by the legendary Chris Claremont, who Marvel has been paying to sit on the sidelines for reasons we've never been able to understand.

The press release, titled "Shocks and Surprises in The X-MEN WEDDING SPECIAL!" explains:

It's almost time for Kitty Pryde and Colossus to tie the knot…but a Marvel wedding is never a simple affair!

This May, get ready to take part in epic and adventurous stories written by Kelly Thompson (Hawkeye, Rogue & Gambit) and X-Men Gold scribe Marc Guggenheim – plus, a wedding gift all on its own in the form of an all-new Kitty Pryde story from legendary series writer Chris Claremont, who returns to the X-Men just in time for the celebrations! But remember, when super heroes get together, mayhem ensues…and the X-Men are no exception.

Interesting language there, noting that Claremont "returns to the X-Men." Could we be seeing more of Claremont in the future? A while back, we made a promise to our editors that if Marvel allowed Claremont to regularly write an X-book, even an ancillary one, even a yearly graphic novel or something like that, we would never make fun of Marvel again. A backup story in one wedding special? That's not quite enough. But bring Claremont back on a regular basis in any capacity and we'll keep our promise — we'll be nice and optimistic about everything Marvel does from then on out. The ball is in your court, Marvel.

"X-Men weddings are always a big deal, if only because they're so rare," teased writer Kelly Thompson in the press release. "I think you probably have to go all the way back to X-Men #30 in 1994 – the wedding of Jean Grey and Cyclops – to get a wedding as potentially big as the wedding of Kitty Pryde and Colossus: two X-Men who've been around (and on again/off again) for literal decades."

 X-Men: Wedding Special #1 hits stores in May. Here's a cover by J. Scott Campbell.

On-Sale 5/16/18

Chris Claremont Returns for X-Men: Wedding Special #1 in May

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