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Chu #6 Review: A Dumpster Fire That Walks Like A Woman

In the tradition of Chelli Aphra, Jessica Jones, or Devi Vishwakumar, this series' lead Saffron Chu is a dumpster fire that walks like a woman, a relentless cascade of bad decisions wreaking havoc wherever she goes. Now, following in the tradition of T-Pain, she's on a boat, on the run from the law, sticking with the boyfriend Eddie, who got her in this mess and completely determined to keep making the bad calls with a smile on her face. She has a food-based superpower like her family (as seen in the previous Chew series) — absorbing information by sharing meals with people — and uses it for shenanigans instead of the public good.

Chu #6 Review: A Dumpster Fire That Walks Like A Woman
Chu #6 Cover. Credit: Image Comics

While they wait on her senile grandfather to give up the goods on an epic haul, they plan to rob the cruise ship's casino … with nowhere to go afterward. This leads to an indecent proposal, a helpful dinner, and a late-night stroll that surprises at least one of its participants.

Writer John Layman knows how to make a scoundrel character shine, and the art from Dan Boultwood is both cartoony (check the eyebrow through the hair gag) and action-packed (check the moment for "perfect timing") in a way that is very good for the storytelling. The only possible criticism that one could levy is that everything happened to pass a piece of paper, which is a bit of a long road to get there. This series will definitely shine more brightly in a collection, as the periodical pacing does its plot no favors. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.

Chu #6
By John Layman, Dan Boultwood
'(SHE) DRUNK HISTORY,' Part One Felon. Parole violator. Fugitive. Cibopars. Food-powered master criminal Saffron Chu is back, staring down the barrel of the biggest – and strangest – score of her career. Return to the CHEW-niverse once again for Saffron's second blood-soaked adventure and an alcoholic art heist that spans the centuries.

Chu #6

Chu #6 Review: A Dumpster Fire That Walks Like A Woman
Review by Hannibal Tabu

A high seas heist goes sideways fast as a master criminal with poor pattern recognition continues to careen and ricochet through life.

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