Clarence's Adventures Continue In Clarence: Quest #1

This week brings the beginning of a new Clarence journey. The hit show is on their second season on Cartoon Network, and after the success of prior comics, it was time for something new. From KaBOOM!, written by Nick Cron-DeVico, with art by Meg Omac, Scott Maynard, and Matt Smigel comes Clarence: Quest #1.


Here's what it's all about:

"Beauford the cat has escaped! Sumo, Jeff, and Clarence decide to help rescue him from the evil woods."

Clarence_Quest_PRESS-6I've read some of the Clarence one-shots before, and enjoyed them. However, I liked this one much more. Maybe it's just because the story centered around a cat, but really I think it was the writing. Nick Cron-DeVico writes a script that's fitting to the show. The characters stay true to their personalities. Clarence's innocence continues to be a draw for me as a reader.

It's technically a three part story, but the only thing that divides it are the different to artists. To be honest, there are very smooth transitions between. I barely noticed a difference. I guess that's a good thing because it can be distracting when art changes mid-comic.


I will say, I found the addition of panels featuring the teacher who actually owns the cat to be incredibly entertaining. You truly feel sorry for her as she goes about her day living without her cat. Her inability to handle the loss is charming and relatable. In the end the first issue is a great one. I look forward to reading more of Clarence's adventures in the future. He's a sweet character to watch. Be sure to grab your copy of Clarence: Quest #1 today.

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