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Ruinworld #1 cover by Derek Laufman
He removes the barrier but unleashes something far more dangerous on accident. Ruinworld #1 cover by Derek Laufman Ruinworld #1 comes from BOOM! Studios' KaBOOM imprint, signifying it as a comic for a younger crowd than many of its offerings Ruinworld is kid-friendly, but I still got a kick out of reading it. It's fast-paced, fun, and has[...]
R.L. Stine Signs 4-Book Deal with BOOM! for New Middle Grade Series
Stine will produce a series of four middle grade supernatural horror comics for BOOM! under the terms of the deal, with the first one dropping in fall 2019 under the KaBOOM! imprint No artists or any other details about the series have been announced. Said Stine in the press release: I'm so lucky to have been able to scare[...]
dodo cover
Mike Fiorentino's lettering is exceptional too — he really know how to properly convey tone in what the characters are saying. This is an excellent book from KaBOOM!, and you should absolutely pick it up. We deal with stress in different ways Some people work out, some people go shopping, others do less productive things[...]
Derek Laufman's RuinWorld Goes Kaboom!
For example, one publisher, BOOM! Studios, plans to announce at the show that Derek Laufman is bringing his RuinWorld series to their Kaboom imprint, but they've decided to leak the announcement to Hulk sex emporium CBR via an EXCLUSSSIVE interview with Laufman and BOOM! editor Whitney Leopard (not a real leopard) Leopard compares RuinWorld to Adventure Time[...]
Netflix Acquires Rob Liefeld's Extreme Universe for Film Options
I cannot wait to show the world what we have in store." – Rob Liefeld Known for a subversive, edgy style that help define the line, Liefeld's Extreme Universe deal covers six comic books and more than 50 characters, including Brigade, Bloodstrike, Cybrid, Re-Gex, Bloodwulf, and Kaboom Goldsman first showed up on Extreme's radar while he was[...]
BMO's Bonanza, Dodge City, 25th Anniversary of Power Rangers, and More- BOOM! Studios March 2018 Solicits
It turns out surviving nuclear winter is hard… but surviving your twenties is even harder! This original graphic novel is perfect for fans of Giant Days. DODO OGN SC *****ADVANCE SOLICITED FOR MAY 2018***** Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios Retail Price: $9.99 Writer: Felipe Nunes Artist: Felipe Nunes Cover Artist: Felipe Nunes When Laila's parents split up, Laila doesn't understand why her[...]
Cyanide And Happiness Wants To Raise Your Kids: Boom February 2018 Solicits
But as mankind draws ever closer to the sanctuary's border, Vijaya will have to prove that there is more to being human than the violence her new family fears beyond their borders. David Jesus Vignolli's debut graphic novel A Girl in the Himalayas explores the astonishing potential of the human spirit. CHARLIE BROWN HC *****ADVANCE SOLICITED FOR APRIL[...]
Grumpy Cat To Meet Garfield In New Series From Dynamite / BOOM!
Dynamite Entertainment and BOOM! Studios' kaboom! imprint are bringing together two of the most famous cats in the world" Grumpy Cat and Garfield The new limited series will include a story by Garfield creator Jim Davis. Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite says: Working with the fine folks at Grumpy Cat has been absolutely wonderful.  We've[...]
Adventure Time: Islands – A New Original Graphic Novel From Ashly Burch And Diigii Daguna
KaBOOM!, the young reader imprint of publisher BOOM! Studios, and Cartoon Network Enterprises, have announced a new original graphic novel – Adventure Time: Islands Written by show writer Ashly Burch and illustrated by Diigii Daguna, the Adventure Time: Islands original graphic novel stars Bunny Girl (a.k.a Jo) and is set roughly a thousand years before the[...]
Clarence's Adventures Continue In Clarence: Quest #1
The hit show is on their second season on Cartoon Network, and after the success of prior comics, it was time for something new. From KaBOOM!, written by Nick Cron-DeVico, with art by Meg Omac, Scott Maynard, and Matt Smigel comes Clarence: Quest #1. Here's what it's all about: "Beauford the cat has escaped! Sumo, Jeff, and Clarence decide to[...]
KaBOOM!'s First Children's Picture Book Is Out In A Month, Will There Be More?
Last month I had the opportunity to chat with married couple Nicole Hoang and Dustin Nguyen about KaBOOM!'s first ever children's book The story is called What Is It?, and I'll tell you, it is a heartfelt masterpiece. So yeah, Nicole wrote the story when she was ten, but her husband Dustin illustrated it only a few[...]
Over The Garden Wall Gets Deeper and Deeper With Issue #3
The formula by which KaBOOM!'s Over the Garden Wall operates under is an emotionally tricky one The issues start off with light and fun stories, and end in tears. Over the Garden Wall #3 features two stories: "Dreamland Melodies" written and illustrated by Jim Campbell with Danielle Burgos, and "Homeland" written by Amalia Levari, with art by Cara McGee. The[...]
Not A Clash Of Kings…A Clash Of Consoles: New Regular Show GN Out This Week
Get excited for a fun new title releasing this week! From KaBOOM!, written by Robert Luckett & Rachel Connor, with art by Ze Burnay, comes a new graphic novel entitled Regular Show: Clash of Consoles This is the third original story from the Regular Show comic, and it's a funny one. Here's what it's all about: "…chaos[...]
This Week Brings The First Issue Of Over The Garden Wall's Ongoing Series
From the hit Cartoon Network show, to the KaBOOM! one shots, I always got a taste of the fun series, but never got to fully induldge Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled to see the comic reach ongoing series status! This week brings the release of Over the Garden Wall #1 from KaBOOM!, written[...]
Sherlock Holmes? Mrs. Hudson? The Baker Street Peculiars Is A Fun Read
Today brings the release of The Baker Street Peculiars from KaBOOM! Written by Roger Langridge, with art by Andy Hirsch, this tale takes place in 1930s London What's the problem? Giant stone lion statues are coming to life, messing up the city Who's there to solve the mystery? Well, it would appear to be Sherlock Holmes[...]
Love Is In The Air: 3 Reasons Why You Should Read Peanuts #30
The KaBOOM! revamp of Charles M Shulz's classic tales are just what you need in the middle of the week, and here's three reasons why… One: It's a light read I don't know about you, but there are a lot of comics on my pull list that yank my emotions from one side of the spectrum to the[...]
Get Ready For A Road Trip! Advance Review Of Clarence: Rest Stops #1
What happens when you combine Clarence's unstoppable optimism with a road trip? Why, a memorable one-shot! KaBOOM! has brought together a whole bunch of creative people to bring together this collection of shorts entitled, Clarence: Rest Stops #1, which is based on the Cartoon Network animated series The list includes: Patrick Crotty, Scott Maynard, Mad Rupert, Derek[...]
Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The Amazing World Of Gumball: Fairy Tale Trouble GN Is Coming
From KaBOOM!, and Cartoon Network Enterprises, the creative team of Megan Brennan (Peanuts: A Tribute to Charles M Schulz) and Katy Farina (Adventure Time) dive into the mixed-media world of The Amazing World of Gumball for this full-length story starring Gumball, Darwin, and Anais, with a back-up story by Jeremy Lawson (Prez) The graphic novel[...]