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Comic Book Creators Wake Up To Brexit
#brexit #UKreferendum — Joe Szilagyi (@joeszi) June 24, 2016 Jose Canseco and Lindsay Lohan are very concerned about Brexit What strange times we live in. — Jennifer de Guzman Strikes Again (@Jennifer_deG) June 24, 2016 Nix on my earlier Little Britain comment This is Dis-United Kingdom, Little England — David Hine (@HineDavid) June 24, 2016 Hey London[...]
Comics Creators On The European Referendum #VoteLeave #StrongerIn #Brexit #Remain
Next week, Britain votes in a Referendum on whether of not the country should Leave the European Union or Remain within it The polls (and bookies) currently show an expected result for the Leave campaign, but this is subject to events. Which, tragically, now includes the terrorist murder yesterday of Labour MP, Jo Cox, backer of Remain[...]
Oor Wullie – The Movie
As Scotland goes to the polls, to vote on independence or... well, dependence, I guess, we already looked at how Scottish comic book characters might
Has Mark Millar Changed His Mind On Scottish Independence?
In just over two weeks' time, the population of Scotland votes in a referendum to decide whether or not the country should secede from the rest of the United Kingdom and form its own nation state. But how will Scotland's favourite comic book son be voting? In 2012, Mark Millar wrote, 100 words on why I support Scottish[...]
Scottish Superhero's Controversy As Referendum Nears
The Saltire series is going to run for several years, way beyond the referendum and the polarising opinions." He continues "Any creative medium can be used to make a political statement Superheroes are enjoyed the world over because they enter the realms of fantasy and the impossible It's pure escapism." But Ferguson is not going[...]