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Comic Folk React To The Inauguration Of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

We've just had the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the new President and Vice President of the United States. And comic book – and comic book adjacent – took time out to watch the event, and comment online. Here are a few:

Comic Folk React To... The Inauguration Of Joe Biden
Screencap: BBC

Peter David: My TV is tuned into CNN where I'll be staying through the inauguration. My heart feels light for the first time in four years. I just wish the newscasters would stop misusing the word "momentarily." "We will be seeing him momentarily." No, we'll be seeing him in a moment. "Momentarily" means FOR a moment. It's not that hard to get right. I understand neighborhoods cheered when Marine One transported Trump away. Good. They've just brought on Bush, who must be thrilled for Trump to come in and take him off the hook as being the worst modern president.

Gwenda Bond: Pretty sure Gaga stopped and told Michelle Obama she looks beautiful

Shannon Hale: Amanda Gorman. I am enraptured. "not broken, simply unfinished"

Cara McGee: I knew Amanda Gorman would destroy me but oh my GOD she is FLAWLESS and I am SOBBING

Laurie Halse Anderson: Our nation is so blessed with people like Amanda Gorman; brilliant mind, deep integrity, blessed soul.

Pia Guerra: Amanda will be advancing to the next stage of evolution, becoming a brilliant super consciousness raining light on the whole galaxy after this.

Stephanie Phillips: President. Joe. Biden.

Casey B: Vice President Kamala Harris

Ivy Noelle Weir: Watching this priest and thinking about how my entire family is Delaware/Philly Catholics. Biden knows some of them. This is the least amount of connections between me and any president in my lifetime and it's wild!

PJ Holden: Watching the inauguration just to make sure it's happening, before I can go back to only knowing a tiny amount about us politics. Once Biden swears in, I'm gonna unfollow so many american journos… sorry!

E. Lockhart: Welcome, Biden and Harris. And your cabinet. And your plans for mending things and moving forward. I am so glad you're here.

Kyle Starks: Seeing this completely normal inauguration I take a deep sigh of relief because it seems like I won't really need to think about the President for the next four years. Just how I like it. How it's supposed to be.

Dennis Barger: Congratulations creepy president joe, you'll get the same respect shown to your predecessor Let the sniffing begin!!!

Olly MacNamee: So, we've had Lady Gaga doing The Hunger Games and Rosario Dawson from The Mandalorian. This could be the geekiest inauguration ever!

Bill Sienkiewicz: President Biden Vice President Harris. It's real at last. Nice to get goosebumps after four years of douche chills.

Vito Delsante: President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Finally.


Brad Meltzer: When I was 19 years old, I was an intern for the Senate Judiciary Committee, making photocopies on Capitol Hill. I was randomly assigned to a senator named Joe Biden. I didn't know him well, but I did know this: when it came to talking to people, he treated everyone with kindness, regardless of stature or job title. More important, his staff actually spoke nicely about him (behind his back). Thanks for being nice to that kid all those years ago.

Donna Barr: Inauguration: McConnell behind Biden looks like he is pissing himself.

Ryan Higgins: Feels good to have someone in the office who can actually give a speech without calling a country of people rapists.

Mitch Gerads: Cheers, @POTUS @VP ! Cheers to restoring decency, respect, and courage back in our lives. Cheers to the work ahead! I only took a sip and got back to my coffee. I've got work to do too, and I'm excited to do it! Hope springs eternal!

Gail Simone: Dear inauguration, quit making me cry! Just to hear people talking about all of us again, and not a cult of personality. It's lovely. I did not expect to fall apart like this. But it's a joyful fall.

Justin Jordan: Man, it's a testimony to the four years of suck that I got a little teary eyed at the inauguration ceremony.

Andy W Clift: Have Fox News started blaming everything on President Biden yet?

Jon Favreau: Biden's inaugural address is the perfect opposite of the entire Trump presidency.

Al Ewing:

Comic Folk React To The Inauguration Of Joe Biden
Credit: Carlos Ezquerra

Kelly Sue DeConnick: I'm pretending the guy that has to wipe down the podium is Bill Barr.

Patch Zircher: Unity is going to take some self-control. Not reacting to the anger-peddlers and hatemongers. Their fire doesn't burn very high if it isn't given air.

Tom Brennan: A week before Donald Trump stole the 2016 election, I left an industry I'd worked in for a decade to go into public service. I expected to switch gears at an interesting time. I was certainly right.

Peter David: What a great inaugural speech. A sharp contrast to the combative, America-rocks-everybody-else-sucks bullshit that Trump spewed four years ago. The problem is that I don't know if what Biden wants is possible. How can I be united with people who think that, because of my beliefs, I'm anti-American. I'm a traitor. I'm a Communist. I'm a "libtard." It used to be understood that whatever our disagreements, we were all on the same side. That's no longer the case. Remember that Stan Lee used to refer to DC as the Distinguish Competition? Now they'd be the Dickish Cravens, the Dumbass Cucks. I'm not sure how that gets undone.

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