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Comic Folk React To... The Inauguration Of Joe Biden
We've just had the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the new President and Vice President of the United States And comic book – and comic book adjacent – took time out to watch the event, and comment online Here are a few: Screencap: BBC Peter David: My TV is tuned into CNN where I'll[...]
Joe And Jill Biden Will Appear On ABC's New Years Eve Celebrations (Image: ABC)
With this year having been an election year, joining Seacrest for a brief appearance will be President-Elect Joe Biden and  Future First Lady Dr Jill Biden. Joe And Jill Biden Will Appear On ABC's New Years Eve Celebrations (Image: ABC) Although the appearance and most of the celebration will be closed to the public, the conversation and music[...]
The Boys is one show President Obama liked to watch in-between writing. (Images: NBC/Amazon Prime screencaps)
One of the fun unofficial holiday traditions we've come to look forward to around this time of the year is when President Barack Obama releases his lists of the films, television/streaming series, and books that helped make his 2020 a bit more bearable Increasing his list of television shows from last year's three to this[...]
President Of The USA In Tomorrow's Green Lantern #11 - But Which One?
But first a little Presidential spoilerage. Credit: DC Comics But as well as that preview is the Bleeding Cool News that tomorrow's Green Lantern Season Two will feature the President Of The United States Of America as a Green Lantern, as The Ultrawar kicks off with everything versus everything But which President would it be? Trump? Obama?[...]
American Presidents Get Action Figures in New Kickstarter Campaign
They have revealed a new action figure line that brings American Presidents to and is ready for action Each of these 4" figures will behave simple articulation of 14 points and will come with interchangeable heads That's right you can get 2 Presidents for the price of one by just switching the heads Backers can[...]
batman barack obama (5)
Former President Barack Obama is a big comic book fan A particular admirer of Conan and Spider-Man comic books in his youth, it was for that reason – and that testimony – that Marvel Comics put him in their Spider-Man comic books when he was inaugurated, creating a classic collector's item in the process. Could similar[...]
John F. Kelly Said Marvel Chair Ike Perlmutter Didn't Know What He's Talking About
"There probably wasn't too many times I met with the president when he didn't say, 'What's happening with Ike?'" ProPublica previously reported on the influence of Perlmutter and associates to the VA with a budget of over a fifth of a trillion dollars and four hundred thousand employees providing health care services and compensation benefits to[...]
Mark Hamill, Tom Wilson Spar on 'BTTF' Biff-Trump Connection
Mark Hamill and Tom Wilson, two actors from beloved franchises had an intriguing exchange on Twitter whether Donald Trump is the inspiration behind Wilson's character, Biff Tannen, in Back to the Future Part II. The Star Wars star, who played Luke Skywalker, decided to drop a random fun fact on Twitter about how Back to the Future[...]
Could Netflix Be Designated Survivor's Last Second Savior?
and Canada). During the network's upfront presentation for their fall 2018-2019 programming line-up, ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey explained that while the series did well ratings-wise with delayed viewing (which would make it an asset to a streaming service like Netflix), its same-day numbers were becoming an issue:"That was a hard one for us[...]
stormy daniels 60 minutes
Sunday night is turning into a televised "perfect storm" of pop culture, presidential politics and the press — and since we know you're going to be watching anyway (no judgement), why not let your brothers-and-sisters-from-other-misters here at Bleeding Cool ride shotgun on the spiraling rollercoaster we call Stormy of the Century: Bleeding Cool's 60 Minutes/Stormy Daniels[...]
Did You Notice It's Inauguration Day? This Week's Comic Books Did…
Today sees the Inauguration of President Trump to office I know one comic creator taking his family but most comic book people from my Facebook timeline who have an event to go to are going to… the other ones. When Obama was inaugurated, he appeared in Amazing Spider-Man, and there were lines around the block from[...]