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Comic Store In Your Future: Mr. Diamond Comics Just Cashed My Check

I returned from my Las Vegas vacation and comic store shopping. And while I was gone, the store received a letter from Diamond Comics stating we had a past due payment. I quickly double-checked and saw that everything was good on my end. I emailed Diamond right back, saying I sent the check and that all should be good. Diamond asked for the check number and amount and when the check had cleared. I provided the info – then Diamond asked to see a copy of the cashed check. Annoyed, I did supply them with it, though I did notice something odd on the cashed check. On the signature line was signed a very sloppy "Diamond Comics". Diamond emailed me back, letting me know the check was cashed, just not by them. Multiple trips to the bank and one police visit later, I found out that a person with a bank that is not the one Diamond uses cashed the check using an app. Then I learned all kinds of screwy things.

I missed the twenty-day mark. Apparently, I have a time limit of twenty days to discover a check I wrote was stolen? My second cut-off was the 28th of this month, which was only days away. If I wanted to get the money back, I needed to get a wriggle on. Again, I asked why is there a time limit when someone is stealing? After over a decade of sending Diamond checks, I never had anything like this happen. Now I am sweating over $805.20 turning into $1610.40. Half for Diamond and half for someone who, odds are, I will never know. I went back to the bank the next day with the case number from the police as required. While there, I asked questions and got no answers. The bank at which the person cashed the check will not let me know who it is. It is pretty obvious the person does not work for Diamond, which means I filled out a police report against someone who I will never actually know anything about.

Comic Store In Your Future: Diamond Comics Just Cashed My Check Or Not
Diamond Comics wants their money! Bunny, do you have the money? Photo by Rod Lamberti

Why do I want to know? I want to know how this person got the check that was supposed to go to Diamond. Did the post office misdeliver it? Did the person actually physically steal it from the postal service? I asked for a reference listing all the rules I had just learned existed and was told it is all very complicated – basically, not to worry about it. I was stunned. Currently, I am hoping and waiting that everything I did will be good enough to get my money back and then pay Diamond. Make no mistake, my bank is working on getting the money returned to me, which I am grateful for. I wonder if people who steal get a slap on the wrist, or is it just business as usual?

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