Comics Folk React To… Italy Beating England In The Euro 2020 Final

So Italy has beaten England on penalties in the final of the UEFA Euro Cup, at Wembley. I went for a cycle ride at one point to an empty London. My part if it anyway, Leicester Square has already been smashed up in anticipation of losing, it seems, and there are stories of hundreds of fans breaking security, and social distancing measures, by forcing their way into the stadium. Here's how it broke out amongst comic book creators, and those adjacent to them, on social media…

Comics Folk React To... Italy Beating England In The Euro 2020 Final
Screencap of one Italy-England moment that will be re-re-revisited.
  • Paul Jenkins: Congratulations to those of you who had Luke Effing Shaw as your first goal scorer in the office pool. Holy bananas!
  • Joseph Farrar: I didn't pay attention to the first half and England were winning. Finished watching Black Widow and started watching the second half, now England concede. Sorry everyone
  • Grace Randolph: #MovieMath is rendering I've had the #Euro2020Final on in the background – WHAT A GAME!!!!!
  • Pete Rogers: Having seen the scenes in Kings Cross and Leicester Square. Those breaking into Wembley and those fighting inside the ground I'm getting nostalgic for full lockdown. And the next stage in England is trust people's common sense. That includes these utter wastes of air.
  • Nigella Lawson: I feel we've lost our oomph
  • James Moran: Come on England, give yourselves a quick blast in the meecrowahvay
  • Isy Suttie: Is extra time genuinely THIRTY MINUTES?
  • Sarah Horrocks: Saka playing like a 19 year old in a final
  • Andi Ewington: Why is Sancho not coming on??
  • Hamish Steele: THE BLUE ONES ARE ITALY
  • Rik Worth: It's been a very long time since I've watched football but is diving just a totally acceptable tactic now? The commentators seem to applaud strategic falling over
  • Lucy Sweet: Rashford scores, becomes Prime Minister, the woke brigade win and Pritti Patel explodes
  • Andrew Hope: #euro2020 final 1-1 in the 2nd period of extra time. Honestly, I don't care who wins … as long as it isn't #england
  • Joe Glass: So….have they lost yet?
  • Mark Russell: Remember: If the match is tied after extra-time, it goes to Pokemon. #Euro2020Final
  • David Barnett: F-uck penalties.
  • Bill Bailey: Not again
  • Sarah Rashford: I don't care who wins, so long as Rashford isn't the one that blows it. People are just waiting to slaughter the kid and he'll take it harder than most
  • Alex Paknadel: Black Widow is ace. Watch it after the football.
  • David Harper: Maguire from England looks like one of the bully Kingsman recruits but ten years later.
  • Sarah Horrocks: This is the worst time line.
  • Joseph Farrar: Runner up in the Euros isn't bad people are going to be going mental that England didn't win, but seriously, 2nd place is unreal considering how early we used to get knocked out
  • Sarah Horrocks: Those veteran players who hid behind a 19 year old should feel ashamed
  • Paolo Villanelli: I'm too old to watch football. #ItalyEngland Bye bye
  • Hannah Shaw-Williams: mamma mia, they cooka our meatball
  • Cavan Scott: England, you did us proud. Congratulations Italy. Now onto the World Cup

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