Comics Publisher Claims Chelsea Clinton Doesn't Tip for Food Delivery

Online malcontents frequently complain that the comics industry never criticizes liberals, but comics publisher Domino Books has proven them wrong, taking to Twitter to call out a Democrat with very serious allegations of disappointing behavior. In fact, the publisher has claimed that Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, doesn't tip for food delivery.

Domino Books' official Twitter account wrote in response to an article by the Hill reporting Clinton's $9 million corporate board position, "I delivered food to Chelsea multiple times for my job, she always tipped $0," adding, "in retrospect, I should have said 'first your dad passes the Personal Responsibility Act and now this??'"

Offering alternative examples, Domino Books said that there are people who do tip for food delivery. Such as journalist Amy Goodman

…and the Church of Scientology!

Be like the Church of Scientology, people! Tip for delivery! But, er… only be like them in that one way, please.

Comics Publisher Claims Chelsea Clinton Doesn't Tip for Food Delivery
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