Commanders In Crisis #6 Review: One Very Good Comic Book

Taking its title very literally, four of the members of the super-team Crisis Command wrestle with why they are even engaging in costumed superheroics after being rocked by two huge realizations in past issues. The superheroes focused on here struggle to both manage their frustration and make their way through their lives on their adopted world. There are two very, very mild deficits that this issue has, and previous issues did not, but Commanders In Crisis #6 remains one very good comic book.

Commanders In Crisis #6 Review: One Very Good Comic Book
Commanders In Crisis #6 Cover. Credit: Image Comics

The cover tells the tale of Thunder Woman, the spirit of inspiration, who has come to investigate the death of empathy. That, sadly, was one of the weakest parts of the book because of a matter-of-fact approach to examining some pretty heady philosophical concepts. Even there, brilliant elements shine through — Prince Hylan, leader of the undersea nation of Akwanium, appears very differently underwater than he does on the surface. The way Frontier reacts to that has an amusing element to it. Likewise, the subplot about the main antagonist was a little on the short side.

On the other hand, the ideological struggle faced by Prizefighter, Originator, Seer, and Sawbones was gripping despite the fact it was mostly talking and some very effective silent panels. The patience that shows in both the Steve Orlando script and the artwork from Davide Tinto, Francesca Carotenuto, and Fabio Amelia is remarkable. The reader to get the feeling of this struggle is very effective. Finally, while brief, the antagonist Executrix gets a moment to reveal motivations and considerations, and that's interesting in how it delivers on the book's overall promise.

This series has consistently been one of the most innovative, effective works of superhero fiction available. While this issue may not have put the pedal all the way to the metal as in previous installments, it's still very, very good and well worth your money. RATING. BUY.

Commanders In Crisis #6
By Steve Orlando, Davide Tinto
Originator hunts the psychotic radio-sapiens known as the Social Callers, but is she shutting them down or joining them? With empathy in rigor and Frontier vanished, only superhuman logic can keep the Crisis Command fighting against the American Individuality Act and the Extinction Society's next move!

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